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Since I made such a big deal last year about going the seed route I thought I should a at the very least post a few pictures of the results:

Nepenthes ampullaria 'Red'
Spider mites had the growth top webbed over before I realized I had a problem but after treatment it is back and producing pretty pitchers.

Nepenthes albomarginata 'Green' 1
The strap looking leaves give this one away and all of the newer pitchers have the collared peristome unique to this species.

Nepenthes albomarginata 'Green' 2

Nepenthes ampullaria 'Green' 5
It got too hot this summer even for the amps and caused some damage. I also had many of the seedlings under too bright lighting and once rectified the new leaves are back to normal.

Nepenthes ampullaria 'Green' #6

Nepenthes ampullaria 'Red with Green Peristome' 1

Nepenthes aristolochioides
I was wrong when I said in another post that I lost all the aristo's, this one was tucked away behind other seedlings. Can't wait until it starts taking on the unique appearance.

Nepenthes bongso

Nepenthes singalana 4
This thing has been bumping along this size for months, it's sickly looking but I am beginning to see some movement after placing a small pill cup over the top.

Nepenthes hirsuta 'Green'
This is the only one from a pod of seeds to germinate and it was touch and go for weeks once it did. An algae attack nearly covered it over and then some nasty looking cottony material spread over it.

These aren't from my seeds but are finally taking off:

Nepenthes ventricosa x hamata
I posted pictures last winter of this one and stirred up a discussion about shipping during the Winter. Three new growth tips came up a couple of weeks after trimming away the old dead plant and the lowest one is what you see here. It is going very slow but looks absolutely healthy.

Nepenthes singalana 1
Got three of these off eBay last Spring and after eight months or so all three are looking very good but very slow growers.
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To me, all of the amps look like hybrids... Plus, the first one is green speckled. Most certainly won't turn red, I would think... :scratch:

I find it quite funny how after a year of life, the lowlanders are massive while the highlanders are all extremely tiny. Really hows how fast lowlanders grow compared to highlanders!
It's too early to tell on the pitcher colors, other red's I have are getting redder with each pitcher and the seeds sold as ampullaria this and that could very well owe their interesting color variances to hybridization. The ampularia green's look pure to me, and even then in a year who knows. I really wanted the rafflesiana 'Black' seeds to pab out but none did. The red amps with green peristome are what I am anxious to see because the pictures looked amazing.
I definitely say your first one is a hybrid, probably hookeriana, and the color variance can come from both ampullaria and hybrid parents. Looks like you're doing a lot better on the aristos and singalanas than I am, too, and I didn't get any hirsutas out of my seeds.... your albomarginatas and bongso are also much larger than mine....
I agree that the 'red' and #6 do not look like ampullaria. Hard to be sure about the other 2. Probably when they produce more mature pitchers.
The hirsuta does not look pure either.
You might be surprised once these reach adult size or even have a six inch leaf span. I believe it's a little too early to identify with few exceptions. I corrected the link to the ventricosa x hamata picture and it's worth a look. I have discovered that receiving a dead plant because of freezing requires a gentle touch getting the new growth established. After whacking it too the ground it was several weeks before the new growth showed itself and it's at that point that watering can be a killer with evaporation being the only thing taking the water from the media. On this one I also trimmed the roots way back and replanted in a 2 inch pot and it must have been a good idea because it is thriving. All the others I was forced to crop to the ground on set new growth and after a few weeks died.

Congrats on your success. I hope I can get some seeds to the sizes of your plants soon. Great job!
Nice job! Its good to see some decent sized seedlings come out of your growing skills.