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One of my friends surprised me with a box full of!

as part of an early birthday present! yay!

Ventricosa x jacquelinae
Lowii x spectabilis
Eymae x veitchii
Spectabilis x aristo
Thorelii x Trusmadiensis
Sibuyanensis x Trusmadiensis
Ventricosa x aristo
Ventricosa x belli
Bongso x maxima
Maxima dark
Thoreli x aristo
Ventricosa-squat x (talagensis x carunc)
And others……

a pitcher of the lowii x spectabilis:

Wow, I need a friend like that :0o:
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That is awesome!!!! Fabulous friend, I'd say! :)
Holy crap! Why the spontaneous giveaway of their plants?
Well i hope they grow well for you, i would love a friend to get me that birthday present. As well happy birthday for the 1st of june.