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The Sarracenia minibog

An imposter in the Sarracenia minibog..

The VFT minibog which looks more like the drosera minibog..

N. tenuis & bongso

N.ovata's finally sprung its lid

N.vent x xtm


The indoor jungle's nearly at the ceiling

some shots inside it - N.campanulata x maxima

rob pitcher growing in with stupid little lid syndrome :-(

ceph cutting finally putting out baby pitchers

and N.thorelli x campanulata uppers... small and shapely, where the lowers/intermediates were more robust and thorelli-like

Now I'm really excited for the seed this plant is making with platychila!
:drool: great plants! What is that variegated nep in the rob picture?
:drool: great plants! What is that variegated nep in the rob picture?

N.alata. There's a big plant in Hawaii from which cuttings get sold every now and then, I'm assuming from which a couple plants floating around the West coast originate, but they're mostly just in private collections.
Nice pool!
Zu, nice update.... indoor jungle is getting huge lol
Is there a Leah in the sarr minibog?
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Thanks :)

No Leah... there is an Adrian Slack tho. That, umlauftiana, minor, flava ornata, purp montana and rosea luteolata. Some dews too.. although the survivors might just be a single patch of filiformis.
I brought the Neps that usually live in my terra at work, home, because I was out on vacation and stuff for a couple weeks. And they're getting big!

Nep. clipeata clone 2

clipeata clone U. Believe it or not, I've had this plant for 5 years. The description 'slow' grower doesn't even begin to describe the glacial pace.

and the peltata

Outside, business as usual. N. P D'Amato

hamata BE clone

a tenuis upper

and I think my dubia is finally inching closer to making uppers. The pitchers stopped having red streaks, although they still have a little bit of a lip to them (or maybe dubia uppers have lips? the plant is still only a few inches tall tho)

and tentaculata maroon spotted. I swear this must not be tentac but one of those re-classified neps. What's the one that looks like hamata that they renamed.. not alba but maybe nigra?
Nice dubia! Is that nectar on the peristome or just water?
you got some beautiful things going on:-D
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Dubia does have a peristome, that's one of the defining differences between it and inermis. Looks like you might already have uppers!
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Thanks! It's nectar.. and maybe I do have uppers then :-D
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Wow thez! Your plants look absolutely amazing : )
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Thanks lime :)
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Zu, I think that you should definitely flood this thread with more Nepenthes clipeata. ;)