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  • Mother parent firstL
    Judith Hindle x Ritchie Bell
    Oreophila x Hummer's Hammerhead
    Yellow Jacket x Ladybug
    Leuco Green x Purp
    Black Widow x Ritchie Bell (I think I polinated too early, I can't see any growth in the ovaries.)
    Just got the message today D:
    I've been in and out of CPs, right now I'm currently in. Made some Sarr crosses which are setting seed. So yeah. Thanks for caring about me :)
    Hi there. I wanted to tell you earlier that I hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being sick thats for sure.
    Hey, If I win some of your auctions, do I have to pay shipping? May 7th is pretty long so I think you could send whatever you were gonna send in our trade and in addition, add whatever I have won from you. Haha, i didn't know how to phrase the last 2 sentances, they seem pretty weird.
    The hamiltonii or the Binata hybrid(which one did I choose, again)?
    Well, the one looks really good. I won't ship it unless it's larger than a quarter.
    Good-ish news. The hamiltonii hasn't burned out yet. Normally when I take a leaf of hamiltonii it burns out within a day. This didn't. No guarantees, though.
    The umm... hamiltonii, I'm not sure they're gonna root. The leaves are pretty small, and if they don't we can try again in the fall, or whenever they work rooting again. How are the Drosera cuttings for me?
    Lol, 100s?
    OMG for a minute I started freaking out thinking I missed your Bday :p
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