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Eats genetically engineered tomatoes
Note: I am always open to trades... but I never have much to offer. If you don't want cuttings of plants or seedlings, my trades are mostly me paying the shipping and bowing down to you :lol: If we do trade, though, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT PRIORITY FLAT RATE. I think it's just a waste of money, so unless you're shipping lead weights don't bother. I will also ship first class unless you specifically request me not to.

Slow and steady! (updated 07/26/11).

Dionaea muscipula

Seedgrown x 2 , Crofthulu

Cuptrap (maybe dead... too timid to ask for refund) (flytrapshop)

Akai ruetheday (flytrapshop) (see above)

dentate trap (flytrapshop)

Various seedlings germinated early November; SDCPs

D. capensis seedlings/mature plants way cramped; Exo (from seed

D. adelae; lowes

D. binata; Brokken

D. spatulata; Brokken

D. leioblastus; NASC auction (Droseragemmea.com)

D. trichochaulis; NASC auction (Droseragemmea.com)

D. callistos; NASC auction (Droseragemmea.com) (Don't know where they are if they exist)

D. spilos; NASC auction (Droseragemmea.com) (same as above)

D. burmannii "beerwah"; Ebay,
Typical, Brokken

D. filiformis (seedgrown)


2x "hummers giant" pullings (Thez_yo) (waaah... :cry:)


S. purpurea, ebay


P. moctezumae; ebay


N. X "fake ventrata (sanguinea)"; Lowes

N X "judith finn"; DavyJones

N. gracilis, germinated 09/10; allenphoom

N. Ventricosa; ebay

N. x "gentle"; ebay

N. GLABRATA! :spazz: ; Zhillin

N. maxima x talangensis ; dashman

N. miranda; KahnLIIIII!!!

N. clipeata x (clipeata x eymae); raven01000

Want list, this doesn't include the ultra rare stuff that everyone wants

N. ampullaria

N. bicalcarata

Holy grail: N. pitopangii (DISCOVER A FEMALE ALREADY! Or at least tissue culture it!).

Really, most neps interest me. If you have a cutting you would be willing to part for shipping, I will love you forever.


D. regia

D. glanduligera,

(any that interest me)



Other plants (Only the interesting ones, I'll spare you the rest)

Synsepalum dulcificum (miracle fruit), One mature, 15 seedlings, a few months old, available for trade

H. undatus seedlings, lots of them!

Lots of H. polyrhizus seedlings!

larger H. polyrhizus self pollinating variety.

Etrog citron saplings

jasmine plants

Assorted cacti

Resurrection plant

M. pudica

Seeds I'm attempting to germinate:

D. burmannii

D. intermedia temperate

D. binata

D. filiformis

N. Viking

N. "vikingraff"

N. Vikingraff x Mirabillis "red indo"

N. Ventricosa

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