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  1. B

    Bob Beer's Grow List

    Pinguicula Mexican: Species agnata 'scented flower' cyclosecta esseriana gigantea gypsicola laueana moranensis 'Mexicana' moranensis 'Vera Paz' moranensis (?) 'Köhres' Hybrids laueana x emarginata 'Sethos' x gypsicola 'R. Ellis' (unknown hybrid) Cultivars: 'Florian' 'John Rizzi' 'Pirouette'...
  2. Plant Heathen

    LED vs all others?

    Thanks for reading. I wold like to get a light for my house so I can grow more in my house. I just don't know what to get or what wats are best. Lowes had a for foot shop light and two LED tubs for $30 but I don't know if led is better or worse than a cfl or T8/T12 also don't know what wattage...
  3. Plant Heathen

    Hello from CT

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and new to carnivores plants. It all started with a purple picture plant and snowballed from there. I got a kit from lowes with a Ft and a picture plant in it. I know not the best choice but I wanted to give growling some from scratch a shot. I'm not sure if...
  4. Y

    Just fuzzy

    Hi wonderful C.P. people, greetings from kentucky guess you want to know a little bit about me. So i started growing back in 2013 started off with D.Buramannii, they did great for the first 5 months then we had a good ice storm and i lost my electric for a week so my first plants froze to death...
  5. J

    Newbie from New York

    Hi there I'm Jessica! I'm new to the wonderful world of carnivorous plants. I currently have two Venus fly traps, a few mixed sarracenia, and one nepenthes. Most are from Lowes, but all are doing very well. I look forward to talking to you all, and learning as much as possible.
  6. WellLogger412

    Lowe's Nepenthes

    So, rescued one from Lowe's... The cashier felt bad for it, due to the fact that most of it was black and dead, so $5 nepenthes for me! Was sold as a Bug Biting Plants in a deathcube. Marked Nepenthes Ventricosa, but something tells me that its not a purebreed Ventricosa. So, I took it home...
  7. WellLogger412

    WellLogger412's grow list (PetroleumJunkie412 on flytrapcare forums)

    Short list so far: Growing above ground - Nepenthes x Miranda Nepenthes x Suki Nepenthes Lowe's (BBP, labeled ventrata, 9/2017) Drosera: D. Binata x Marston Dragon D. Binata x Marston Dragon (red) D. Binata x Multifida Extrema D. Capensis alba D. Capensis D. Capensis giant (under testing)...
  8. Mercfh

    Has anyone found a good "Coarse" silica sand?

    I've scoured google and seen many posts on the topic, most of the are pretty old but im looking to repot some pings into a at least Mostly mineral based media. I've seen pool filter sand mentioned (#20 I believe), but i've also heard people say it's too fine. But apparently the coarser stuff is...
  9. plantsnfish

    My newest, simplist bog garden. (Sharing pics)

    Just got this set up a few days ago. It is made out of a 33 gallon extra long aquarium I found at a garage sale for $5. So far it only has some simple, common sarrs in it but I hope to add some rarities in the future. The whole thing: One of my favorites, S. Minor: A simple but beautiful...
  10. D

    CP Friendly Peat Moss Brand?

    I have always used LFS for all of my CPs but after a few months, this is proving to be really expensive. Does anybody have any good Peat Moss brands that are safe two use with CPs that are also available at Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes?
  11. Smooter80

    Smooter80's grow list

    Smooter80's grow list updated 11/25/15 New arrivals 5-23 Nepenthes burbidgeae x trusmadiensis EP SG ephippiata SG inermis SG jamban SG lowii x veitchii (k) EP SG lowii x Sabre Dark Cherry EP SG talangensis x mira 4-3 Heliamphora chimantensis Chimanta Tepui AW elongata Ilu Tepui AW...
  12. nip 'n these

    Where do you get your Nepenthes from?

    Hey guys, I recently fell in love with Nepenthes, and decided that I wanted to try growing some. Unfortunately, I've been having very little luck finding any. I saw people posting online that they bought theirs at Home Depot and Lowes. I wasn't able to find any at Home Depot, and didn't want to...
  13. jimscott

    Replacing 24" fluorescent light bulbs

    I have a 4-tiered plant rack and it came with Gro-Lite fluorescent bulbs. As time went on the bulbs needing replacements and I have done so with the cheap bulbs from Lowes. They are 24 bulbs. Is there anything better than Gro-Lite bulbs?
  14. gill_za

    Brand of sphagnum peat moss

    Yes this question does get asked often. Local nursery owner informed me that there were changes on the Peat Moss extraction/distribution market and the brand I used to get is not currently available. I tried several brands and generally found that whatever is sold in Lowes or HD (Premier or...
  15. curtisconners

    Is this a ventrata or ventricosa?

    Hey all. I have a young nepenthes from Lowe's that was marked ventricosa and it does have one true pitcher that looks like a ventricosa, but it has another pitcher that looks more ventrata like. :scratch: Here's the ventricosa-like pitcher. And here's the ventrata-like pitcher. Which...
  16. curtisconners

    Baby ventricosa humidity?

    Good morning, terraforums. Yesterday I bought a baby N. Ventricosa from Lowe's and made a little terrarium for it to help maintain humidity. But I read online that ventricosa will tolerate low humidity, but mines a baby and it looks like it just started producing full pitchers. I even saw a...
  17. oceanblue28

    Deformed trap?

    My Lowe's VFT has this strange deformed trap. I took this pic with my phone just now and circled the trap in question. Is this just a mutation, or a sign of something wrong?
  18. Swagalotus

    Revived Chilean Sphagnum

    Has anyone managed to revive the chilean sphagnum you can buy at lowes ( better gro type) and have pictures of what it looks like? My strands that I revived are still small and are just starting to branch.
  19. S

    Grey fungus fungicide suggestions?

    What's a brand of fungicide for grey fugue that is safe for all carnivorous plants? Preferably one I can pick up at Lowe's. thank you
  20. S

    Where do you buy your hanging planters?

    The local home depot and Lowes only seem to offer plants in hanging pots but don't sell them by themselves. I'm just curious where you guys get your hanging pots for your nepenthes. thank you