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LED vs all others?

Thanks for reading. I wold like to get a light for my house so I can grow more in my house. I just don't know what to get or what wats are best. Lowes had a for foot shop light and two LED tubs for $30 but I don't know if led is better or worse than a cfl or T8/T12 also don't know what wattage to use for any of it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
The efficiency of LED lights varies quite a lot depending on the particular product. You'll want to compare the light output (lumens) to the wattage to get an idea of efficiency. I would also aim for about 2000 lumens per square foot of grow space but keep in mind how close the fixture will have to be to the plants to achieve that.
Is one better than the other like if I went with a CFL am I looking at like a 100w bulb?