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Hi wonderful C.P. people, greetings from kentucky guess you want to know a little bit about me. So i started growing back in 2013 started off with D.Buramannii, they did great for the first 5 months then we had a good ice storm and i lost my electric for a week so my first plants froze to death it really bummed me out and i didn't tryto grow any more till August of this year now i have a flytrap from lowes, a sar also from lowes and i have the following seed either in stratification or waiting on germination
D. Capensis typical, Alba, and narrow leaf red D. California dont think i spelled that right sorry if i didnt S. Alata and a couple other i forget at this time also i have aquired my first cephalotus two typicals and i have a big boy clone shipping out tommorow from a fellow forum member

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I have issues when i comes plants i want them all added D. Binata self fertile t form

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