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  1. amphirion

    im sorry guys, i drifted to the dark side....

    i dont even know how i got into these-- maybe it was the california drought that made me change direction. i also *accidentally* applied my "go big or go home" philosophy during the acquisition process. i think my photography got better too? i'll let you be the judge. echinocereus pulchellus v...
  2. I

    New Member From UK

    Hi all, Recently got into indoor plants; nothing special just a couple of orchids, cacti etc. I want to delve deeper into some more exotic plants and CP's are possible the most intresting to me. I have two main questions though (sorry if they have already been asked) the first being are there...
  3. kjnorris918

    Hey from Vegas!

    Just a beginner. :) I'm currently residing in*Las Vegas. CPs have become my new addiction. I recently received my first seeds. I'm very excited to get them started. Now on a mission for budget friendly small plants. :) I find drosera and*nepenthes*to be the most intriguing. I currently have...
  4. B

    Hello from Texas

    Howdy y'all! I've been growing CPs for around 5 years now. I browsed through various forums for awhile but this is the first time I've really joined one. I've been interested in horticulture for a long time and mostly grew cacti, succulents, and herbs at first with a few CPs on the side, but now...
  5. rakovsky

    Are some thorny plants para-carnivorous towards large animals?

    The clip points out that the thorns point inwards England, Meet Your New Giant Sheep-Eating Plant Carnivorous Plants In England Known To Eat Animals | Popular Science RHS 'sheep-eating' plant about to bloom in Surrey - BBC News Puya chilensis A photo of a bigger plant...
  6. S

    ScatterPants of Portland, OR. Greetings through pictures

    Hello everyone. I have been in the chat and lurking around a bit so thought I'd finally put together an intro thread. I'm just starting to get into carnivores aside from some success with Nepenthes before and a failure with Darlingtonia outdoors over winter some years back. I have a 4ft T5...
  7. Gigantea

    Euphorbia Tirucalli x Stenoclada Hybrid 'Pencil Cactus' (no bids)

    A rare and unusual hybrid form of the traditional E. Tirucalli 'pencil cactus' that produces heavily pointed, bushy branches. I only know of one grower (aside from me) that even has this hybrid available. At maturity it grows into a tree and begins to form a bark-like skin on it's largest/oldest...
  8. N

    Hello from New Zealand

    I've been looking round the forums here for some time now, but I've only just got around to posting anything. I have a (relatively) small collection of Nepenthes, Sarracenia and various others cps, as well as a few cacti. So I'm looking forward to finally joining in with the discussions :)
  9. plantsnfish

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hello, my name is Nick :) I live in Richmond, Michigan. I currently have a small indoor greenhouse rigged with lights and a homemade humidifier for Nepenthes and any other tropical cp's I find to like, along with a couple cacti. I have a few sarracenia/temperate sundews/VFT's that are going...
  10. S

    Hello From Chicago

    Hey y'all, like a few others, I too have been lurking here for a while, and finally decided to make a profile to hopefully participate here and there. I'm relatively new to growing CPs, I only have about a year under my belt (I've been growing cacti & succulents for many years, and wanted to try...
  11. Not a Number

    DUW - San Diego Cacti & Succulent Garden July 2015

  12. R

    rjhaway's growlist

    VFT / Dionea Muscipula: Typical 2 small Drosera: Nepenthes: Non-Carnivorous: Bog companions: Cacti: Epiphyllum oxypetalum “orchid cactus" 2 Orchids: Looking for: I know some of these are unlikely, but hey, .. it doesn't hurt to try, right? Byblis – anything Cephalotus – Seeds...
  13. K

    Katastropes Seed Trade List (what i have available!)

    Seed trade list: Carnivorous plant seeds: D. Capensis 'alba' D. Paradoxa D. Sessilifolia D. Pygmaea D. Affnis D. Derbyensis D. Peltata D. Burmanii D. Nitidula N. Reinwardtiana N. ligulata (not alot) -------------------- Succulent seeds: Aloe Cameronii (red aloe) Aloe vanbalenii (cinnamon...
  14. K

    Castro seed trade list what i have available!

    Seed trade list: Carnivorous plant seeds: D. Capensis 'alba' D. Paradoxa D. Sessilifolia D. Pygmaea D. Affnis D. Derbyensis D. Peltata D. Burmanii D. Nitidula N. Reinwardtiana N. ligulata (not alot) -------------------- Succulent seeds: Aloe Cameronii (red aloe) Aloe vanbalenii (cinnamon...
  15. K

    Cactus, succulent and Mesemb seeds for trade!

    Trying to get some new activities together and new projects for myself and the kids (once this rain stops! Of course) I have a bunch of differe types of species of cacti succulents and mesemb seeds as well as some lotus andvother seeds like catnip and mimosa that i have plenty to trade to ppl...
  16. K

    GA3 for trade if anyones interested

    Hello again! I have some GA3 for trade, more then i could possibly ever hope to use! Since i figure some ppl may want some of what i have that ive used to help germination in cacti seeds and other hard to grow plant species or types that need to ne knocked out of dormancy to become viable for...
  17. Sidgrowspings

    Newbie from Tucson

    Hi everyone, I'm an artist from Tucson. I just obtained two Mexican Pings and decided to join this forum in order to learn how to grow them better. I've got lots of experience growing epiphytic orchids, some of the more interesting of which are Angraecum didieri, Jumellea comorensis, and a...
  18. A

    Advice needed on germinating cacti seed?

    I was recently gifted some Gypsicola x Kohres seeds as part of the NASC auction! I am really excited to try these and just want to hear everyones take on germinating these? I know nothing about germinating cacti and would like your help. Thanks in advance and wish me luck.
  19. Av8tor1

    Rare Cacti Trichocereus bridgesii forma mostruosa clone A and Clo... - aerogrower $25

    and now for something completely different: The "penis cactus" :-)) 1 cutting of each. The cutting of the long clone is probably 8" or more. The cutting of the clumping form is one "branch" section Both cuttings have the cut area callused and are ready for planting THESE ARE NOT FOR HUMAN...
  20. NemJones

    A Visit to the Botanical Gardens

    With my adventure to Denver Botanic Gardens, many a wonder had been witnessed for this day. I decided to take more pictures, as these are 90% of what crowds my photo storage. Sorry for the tater quality pictures. You approach the turnstiles and know that when you get there, you have to give...