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GA3 for trade if anyones interested

Hello again!
I have some GA3 for trade, more then i could possibly ever hope to use! Since i figure some ppl may want some of what i have that ive used to help germination in cacti seeds and other hard to grow plant species or types that need to ne knocked out of dormancy to become viable for germination.
I recently tried it on some cp seeds with some success, thoe i found it very hard to find the seeds after i had soaked them hahaha!

If anyone would lile to throw out some offers (seeds,plants,offsets..etc..etc)

Not really looking for anything in particular just anything kids would enjoy learning about and growing.

Thanks for taking a look :)

If you havent heard of GA3 i suggest searching it up on google or if someone could kindly put a link on here id very much apreciate it, or ill try to look for one to put myself.

I will give enough GA3 to soak alot of different seeds in different ppm strenght mesurements :)

Thanks again!

Ps. Monday i will be sending out some trades through the mail so if youd like to have yours sent out on monday to pm me with yr offer and yr address info and ill send you mine. All trades come with a bonus seed gift :D