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Hey from Vegas!

Just a beginner. :)
I'm currently residing in*Las Vegas. CPs have become my new addiction. I recently received my first seeds. I'm very excited to get them started. Now on a mission for budget friendly small plants. :) I find drosera and*nepenthes*to be the most intriguing. I currently have cacti and succulents growing. :)

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Welcome to the forum :welcome:
But remember, don't use the chat box, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas.

Haha your right. Thanks for the welcome. I've been here for a little bit. More of a lurker than poster. :)

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I thought I recognized your avatar. I'll see you around... or on the list of people who are on the forum. :jester:
Good deal. Haha.
Thank you aerogrower. :)

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