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Seed trade list:

Carnivorous plant seeds:

D. Capensis 'alba'
D. Paradoxa
D. Sessilifolia
D. Pygmaea
D. Affnis
D. Derbyensis
D. Peltata
D. Burmanii
D. Nitidula
N. Reinwardtiana
N. ligulata (not alot)

Succulent seeds:

Aloe Cameronii (red aloe)
Aloe vanbalenii (cinnamon aloe)
Tiger Aloe
Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
Stapelia variegata
Crassula southii & nudicaulis
Bijia cana
Titanopsis schwantesii & fullerii
Argy mix
Cephalopyllum alstonii
Hereoa pallens & carinaus
Cheridopsis umbrosa & mix
Conophytum mix
Diplosoma luckhoffii
Monilaria pisiformis
Mesemb species mix
Lithops mix
Ebracteola derenbergiona
Dacophilus dealbatus
Dactylopsis digitata
Odontophorus angustifolius & nanus
Vanheerdia divergens
Stomatium niveum & alboroseum & veledebuschii
Psammophora longifolia & modeste
Aloinopsis peersii, setifera, villetii, malherbei, luckhoffii, orpenii,schoonesii, thudichurii, ventricosa and Mix
Antimima duvalis & evoluta & pygmaea
Glottiphyllum regium & album & a species Mix
Ophyalmophyllum friedrichiae
Rhinephyllum frithii
Dinterantus puberulus, pole evansii, vanzyii & inexpectatus
Diplosoma luckhoffii
(I beleive that's all**)

Cactus seeds:

Pilosocereus azureus, palmeri, braunii, royenii, boheri, glaucenscens, pentaedrophous, purpureus, pachycladus, chrysacanthus, fulvilanatus, magnificus, piauiensis, superbus, boollii, tillianus and pilo mix #1+#2+#3 also pilo sp #1&#2
-Rebutia miniscula & heliosa
Astrophytum mix
Cereus mix
Frailea gracillima 'albifusca', asterioides & pseudopulcherninea & ampliata
Matucana madisoniorum & weberbaurei
Ariocarpus restus v. Trigonus & fissuratus
Eriosyce crispa
Pachycereus pringlei (elephant Cactus)
Lophophora williamsii (dif localities), koehresii, fricii, diffusa, decipiens and species mix
Rare columnar cacti Mix
Cacti species mix
Frost resistant spherical Cacti Mix
(I believe that's all**)

Random plant seeds:

Mimosa pudica
Centella asiatica
Nymphaea caemlea (Egyptian blue lotus)
Clematis terniflora mandshurica
Rose seeds
Sambucus canadensis (American elderberry)
(Think thats all**)

May have more seeds of different plant species, ask me what your looking for and if i have it I'll let u kno! Pm me with your trade of seedlings, plants, seeds and offsets of anything that is unusual and something kids would find interesting and want to grow or learn about/study and what you want in exchange for it and ill let u kno if I'm interested to trade :) thanks. Please excuse spelling I'm not sure all are spelled correctly.
Most of these have been sowed already or have some to spare after taking what i/we would be using and others are from my own collections plants or the programs collection that we can use to trade or past trades we still have extras of or some i bought for either myself or the program and have spare seeds to trade to get more variety of plants for us to learn about or study - or for my own personal collection that i will prob share with the kids aswell :)
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