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  1. jimscott

    Crafts Show Butterworts?

    My wife sells snowflakes and stars at crafts shows. I've seen all manner of things being sold - soaps, baskets, tutus, etc.... One thing that caught my attention is people selling cacti & succulents in bowls and ceramic pottery. So I thought maybe I can do the same thing with Mexican...
  2. adnedarn

    Hummingbird Moth polinating Cacti flower

    I thought I'd share that I noticed a couple days ago a bloom forming on a cacti... Today I noticed it was really bit and a bit ago I noticed it was open. I ran out to take some pictures, and while doing so a spinx hummingbird month showed up flying circles around us... And eventually found...
  3. hcarlton

    Cacti in the greenhouse

    Obviously my main green thumb points toward growing CP's, but along with them are a few assorted other plants that grow in the greenhouse and around the home. A few succulents are included, such as the following cactus seedlings, which currently live right next to sundews and young Nepenthes...
  4. PsychoSarah

    You know it would be me who got this as a gift

    Some context, I haven't grown cacti ever since a nasty repotting incident. To make it all the worse, this prickly monstrosity looks like it will be in need of repotting. In a bout of humor about it, I did name it Sir Pricklton
  5. Dragoness

    Dragoness' Grow List

    Carnivorous: D. filiformis D. muscipula (normal) N. bicalcarata (Brunei orange) N. bicalcarata (Sarawak Giant) N. ampullaria (Brunei spotted) N. mirabilis (Red Globosa Viking) N. ventricosa N. rafflesiana (seedlings) N. truncata N. hookeriana S. flava S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' S...
  6. PsychoSarah

    I Guess I Never Introduced Myself

    Hi, my name is Sarah, I actually have been on here a bit but never thought to introduce myself properly. I have been growing non native plants since age 5, in which I actually managed to grow a lemon tree in Michigan of all places, from a seed I pulled out of a store bought lemon. It survived...
  7. DonH

    Pachypodiums and other

    I was in the greenhouse and pulled some cacti out to take some shots. Pachypodium namaquanum - a little over 3 feet. VERY slow growing. Pachypodium brevicaule "Tortuga" Dorstenia gigas Can anyone name the rest? This one is recovering from an unhappy Winter. Since I...
  8. theplantman

    Me and My Collection of Spiny Little Friends

    I made the bench and the cacti!
  9. theplantman

    My Greenhouse Went Airborne Yesterday

    So. 60+mph gusts all day and night yesterday. Almost tornado force. I live on a hill with no tree cover. I'm at work--came home to find my greenhouse up in the air almost vertical. Greenhouse door wrenched open and turned it into a giant polycarb tumbleweed. Lifted off in one piece--with the...
  10. theplantman

    theplantman's Photo Thread

    My "sunken bed" under construction. I am going to begin collecting and breeding Sarracenia on a massive level. I'll also be producing some seeds for the ICPS from this. So much empty space... Baby Drosophyllum D. x nagamoto Cleistocactus baumannii Pilosocereus azureus D. burmannii...
  11. theplantman

    Had the Harbor Freight Greenhouse Experience.... AND SURVIVED!

    Hi all. Wife decided my cacti had stabbed too many of the cats during winters past. Both seem to like to sit on bright windowsills..... so we had a problem. Needless to say, we saw a coupon to grab a 6'x8' Harbor Freight greenhouse at $200. I was at the store within 10 minutes of the newspaper...
  12. theplantman

    Getting Botrytis in my new hobby greenhouse--need air circulation tips

    Hi everyone! I just built one of the infamous harbor freight 6'x8' greenhouses. It's been great to have so far and I'm slowly stocking it full of cacti, succulents, Pings, and Drosera. It is heated to 40F and goes anywhere from 50-70F during the day. I check it twice a day and noticed that...
  13. theplantman

    Going all-out to germinate some Drosophyllum

    Hi guys! I just received some seeds from John Brittnacher over at the ICPS, one of which is a packet of Drosophyllum. I have literally spent almost 10 solid hours over the weekend reading every last scrap of forum conversation about its germination, the ICPS grow guides, and every word written...
  14. theplantman

    Looking for trades to expand a teaching CP collection

    Hi everyone! I would love to begin doing some plant trades in order to benefit my workplace and obtain a more complete and interesting collection of CPs. Because my teaching greenhouses aren't specifically specialized in CPs, there are significant holes in our collection and many genera are...
  15. theplantman

    Cactus Land!

    Hi guys! Just wanted to show y'all some of my cacti. I love them just about as much as my CPs. I've got probably close to 50 tropical kinds and most of the ones that are winter hardy to Georgia. Anyway, enjoy! Mammillaria fragilis Echinopsis subdenudata (and my cat!) Flower closeup...
  16. theplantman

    Hi from Georgia!!

    Hi everyone!! I'm Kevin and I'm extremely excited to finally be a part of Terraforums. I've been involved in horticulture for almost a decade. A VFT and an S. flava were my first two plants ever. Determined not to kill them, I came upon terraforums, D'Amato, and Barry Rice. The plant bug bit...
  17. Acro

    I haven't had a CP in many years!!!

    Hello all, I used to have a few CP but it's been a long time since I've kept any. I've recently had some fruit fly problems and the idea of CPs catching all the flies was all the excuse I needed to get back into keeping CPs! I still haven't got any yet, but I hope to change that soon! I've...
  18. DragonsEye

    Cacti/succulents for trade

    For those who found Whimgrinder's trade method annoying (and it sounded like some of you did), here's more of the same. :D Interested in thinning out my 'extras'. The plants you offer do NOT have to be cacti or succulents. Don't really have anything specific in mind as to what I want...
  19. D


    Hi there, I have a nepenthes alata and venus fly trap, plus a number of cacti. I could do with a lamp to supplement the limited sunlight my flat receives. Can anyone recommend a simple lamp or lighting system I can order online? Thanks, Jack
  20. D.W.

    Greetings from Finland

    Hello. I'm Toni and I come from Finland. I've grown carnivorous plants since 2009 and kept a blog (at http://jigsawcarnivores.blogspot.com/) about them starting from 2011. If you also use CPUK you find me there under username Deadly Weapon, which is where my username in here comes from. At the...