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Cacti/succulents for trade


carnivorous plants of the world -- unite!
For those who found Whimgrinder's trade method annoying (and it sounded like some of you did), here's more of the same. :D

Interested in thinning out my 'extras'. The plants you offer do NOT have to be cacti or succulents. Don't really have anything specific in mind as to what I want. Something interesting, something different. No neps, no sarrs -- I do not have for the huge monsters, unfortunately. No plants that require HL conditions.

The assortment of plants I have for you to choose from (and yes you can mix and match):

In small (2") soufflé cups

Smaller ones in 2" pots, larger one is a 4" pot but that pot is not in the offer -- only the plant

4" pot -- plant will be shipped bare root

This next one is a prostrate grower, tends to form more of a mat. The first pic is my mother plant from which I had removed all the side branches. I was curious to see if it could be trained into an upright form/style. Turns out you can't. It not only is it "falling back down", it is starting to grow new side branches. In high light, the leaves will turn more of a mahogany color. In a bit less light the leaves will be green. If you start the plant off in high light and move it to a lower light situation, the dark leaves will remain dark ... they will not revert back to green.

The little 'uns up for grabs in what are approx. 2-2.5" pots: