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Cacti in the greenhouse

Obviously my main green thumb points toward growing CP's, but along with them are a few assorted other plants that grow in the greenhouse and around the home. A few succulents are included, such as the following cactus seedlings, which currently live right next to sundews and young Nepenthes (until I can find a real good place for them to grow).

Carnegiea gigantea, or Giant Saguaro

Various barrel cactus

And my one surviving Stenocereus thuberi, or Organ Pipe
They all look them same, forbid you lost those labels
They are actually very different looking, at least in person. The closest (because they are also related) are the Saguaro and the Organ Pipe, but even they are very distinct at this size.
Where are you going to put the Saguaro when it grows up to its giant self?
Where are you going to put the Saguaro when it grows up to its giant self?

He's got a LOOOOOOONG time to wait for that, SH. In reality, most of us won't be alive by then. Saguaros are EXTREMELY slow growing -- they don't even produce their first branch until they're around 75yrs old.
Yes, I'll be lucky to have just entered retirement by the time those guys hit branching stage. Though, with recent studies on aging, maybe I'll get the chance to live as long as they do :D