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  1. F


    I was at Walmart today and was strolling by the plant section and saw a bunch of cacti sitting out. I have never tried growing a cactus before, but they seem like they wouldn't be too hard. They are some pretty unique plants too. I read that the biggest thing not to do is overwater them...
  2. seedjar

    True stories!

    So here's the game... everybody shares their strangest plant story (or as many as you like I suppose.) For example... When I was about ten or eleven I started to get into plants and gardening. I got bored with growing flowers and stuff outside and wanted to keep something a little more exotic...
  3. seedjar

    Neem insecticide/fungicide

    So it's winter, and for my stuffy little apartment that means mold season. I've got a number of plants with molds developing on their soil - I haven't noticed any CPs afflicted (knock on wood) but the following have some sort of fuzz on their substrate: Norfolk Island Pine Euphorbia milli...
  4. losfreddy

    Venus fly trap seeds availiable?

    Long Story, Short... Heres what happen. There was a porch fire at my house that killed my 10 gal terarrium and my 20 gal (but empty) tank, and took most of my fathers Cacti with it, too. So im looking for some more Venus Fly Trap seeds for my next project if anyone is willing to trade or SASE...
  5. S

    Tamarisk nuseries

    Hello everyone Well I took the digital camera out to Tamarisk Nurseries today, which is only 8 miles south from my house. I feel lucky to have such a nursery so near to home. I would've taken more pictures of other plants (tsillandias and the multitude of cacti), but the memory stick was only...
  6. Z

    Pictures of cp and some other stuff

    hello. i posted this on cpuk, but i thought i share it with everyone. i recently took some photos with my digital recorder. they arnt the best of quality and in the best of lighting, but i guess you can make out a rough outline. (oh, and pft really needs a place to post pictures ) S. X...
  7. rattler

    Looking for some plants...............

    they are predicting a long hard winter up here and im looking for some plants for my indoor garden to keep me my mind off the white crap till spring. ill trade, pay for shipping, or whatever. pm me and wh will work something out. im mainly looking for cuttings to root myself. saves on shipping...
  8. ChronoKiento

    2 unknown cacti

    I got these succulents at Home Depot and I don't know what they are. This first one is some kind of Sedum. Here's another view of the Sedum. And here are two pics of the other mystery succulent.
  9. ChronoKiento

    2 unknown cacti

    I got these succulents at Home Depot and I don't know what they are. This first one is some kind of Sedum. Here's another view of the Sedum. And here are two pics of the other mystery succulent.
  10. A

    Cacti blooming

    Do all cacti produce flowers at one point or another? i have a cactus, don't know how old it is but its never produced flower. Its doubled in size though what can i do to help it flower?
  11. homer

    Cactus flower

    This is one of the cacti that were given to me by family friends last summer.  It decided to bloom this morning, so I took a picture.  I have no idea what species this is, but I'm glad its doing well.  Enjoy. -Homer
  12. ChronoKiento

    Too cold?

    Hi, last night the temperature dropped pretty low, maybe as low as 55 degrees F. Right now as I speak it is 57 degrees. Do you think I should move my cacti and succulents back inside under the grow light since it's getting so cold? I'm really worried about them. I'm hoping this cold weather...
  13. Z

    The new york botanical gardens

    A short while back (july 20), i visited the new york and while there, visited the botanical gardens. here are a few photos to share with you. you may find the cps in another post im gonna make. in these cactus photos, if you want to know the species of any of the cacti, just pm me and i will...
  14. D

    My nifty new lithops collection

    Hope PAK doesn't mind me linking her original photo. I got this collection of lithops (and one that's not, i know) in the auction, and am very impressed with how colorful they are, and suprised at how tiny they are (i didn't know that 1-1/2" terra-cotta pots existed!). Lest i kill these...
  15. T

    Rendez-vous horticole 2004

    Hi, this week-end (friday, saturday and friday), it will be the Rendez-vous horticole 2004 at the Montreal Botanical Garden. You can expect to see a lot of orchids, cacti and few nice CP stand, such as the CCPS and Verre nature, an in-vitro cie specialized into CP. I'll be there friday and...
  16. superimposedhope

    Oh crap!

    It takes me close to 3hrs to take all my cacti outside. So what happens it drops down to mid 30's at night and highs of 50 at best. I don't think it will kill them but it puts a damper on new shoot growth. Not to mention after 6+ months my banana palm finally unfurled a new leaf and began growth...
  17. T

    Drosera dichrosepala flower photo

    I never realized that this species was sweetly scented, nor have I ever had flowers this large on my plants before. Thanks go to Phill Mann for helping me ID this one! Is anyone aware of other scented pygmy species? The smell is very nice and reminds me a little of the Nightblooming Cerus Cacti...
  18. superimposedhope

    Never much on here

    It sucks that there is never alot going on in cacti and succulents. I love cactus they are my favorite plants. I have tons of them, my collection is huge though it dwindles over every summer as I trade and give away alot and then build up new plants again. My plants are ready for summer except...