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  • I love that quote too. Phillip Plait has a webpage and book called 'Bad Astronomy' where he debunks common astronomy misconceptions. I pulled the quote from a radio interview he was giving. The cash is from the recent Geico commercials. It is "the money you could have saved with Geico." I just thought it looked funny. Thanks for the help earlier!
    Found you at LONG, LONG Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Had to re-join this Terraforum to get your Profile up!
    How the devil are you??? I really hope you are doing good and its great to see that you are still in the CP community. I thought (after the Sundew Matt incident) that it had put you off for life! So glad it hasnt!
    Triffid Nurseries is doing OK - I will still only distribute your D. spat var. Tamlin for 1 cent (or 1 penny as it is over here!!) in order to comply with your wishes which I still feel proud to uphold.
    It would be great if you could reply to this, even if its just to say you are well.
    Best wishes
    Blighty (haven't written that for ages!!)
    Hey William! :)

    Thanks for the kudos. The Droso is about 9 months old.

    I would love to email you but I seem to have lost your email addy as all the ones in my files have bounced messages when I tried sending to you.

    Cheers :)
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