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Cactus Land!

Hi guys! Just wanted to show y'all some of my cacti. I love them just about as much as my CPs. I've got probably close to 50 tropical kinds and most of the ones that are winter hardy to Georgia. Anyway, enjoy!

Mammillaria fragilis

Echinopsis subdenudata (and my cat!)

Flower closeup

Oreocereus celsianus

Mammillaria bocasana with M. geminispina and M. plumosa in the background

I'll try to get some more up later. They're having a spectacular year!
I had an Edithcolea Grandis, several Lobivia/Chaemalobivia and cereus flowering a while ago but I think they are done for the year. :( I never can remember to take any pictures. Nice cacti. :)