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For the love of Science!

D. filiformis

D. muscipula (normal)

N. bicalcarata (Brunei orange)
N. bicalcarata (Sarawak Giant)
N. ampullaria (Brunei spotted)
N. mirabilis (Red Globosa Viking)
N. ventricosa
N. rafflesiana (seedlings)
N. truncata
N. hookeriana

S. flava
S. leucophylla 'Tarnok'
S. leucophylla 'hurricane creek white'
S. purpurea (unknown death-box rescue)
S. purpurea purpurea
S. minor
S. alata
S. rubra
S. x Dana's Delight
S. x Red Bug
S. [leucophylla x (oreophila x minor )] x self
S. [(rubra x pupurea) x self] x Judith Hindle
S. leucophylla x (orephila x flava) x Big Moorei
S. hybrid, unnamed.

P. hemiepiphytica (we'll see how this goes!)

Vanilla planifolia Vanilla
Maxillaria tenuifolia Coconut Orchid
Vanda "Pachara delight"
Spiranthes cernua odorata "Chadd's ford" Lady Tresses
Plantathera flava

H. curtisii
H. carnosa 'compacta'
H. pubicalyx 'royal hawaiian purple'
H. retusa
H. 'mathilde'
H. onychoides x archboldiana
H. wayettii

Orchid Cacti
Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Night-blooming cereus)
Selenicerues anthonyanus (rik-rak cactus)
Epiphyllum "Dragonheart"
Epiphyllum "King's Ransom"
Epiphyllum "Unforgettable"
Epiphyllum "unknown"

Miscellaneous others:
Stapelia gigantea
Huernia schneideriana
Passiflora alata "Ruby Glow"
tillandsia xerographica
Myrmecodia platyrea ssp. antonii
Hydnophytum formicarum



S. Minor (Okeefenokee Giant)
S. oreophila
S. jonesii

S. leuco hybrids
S. Adrian Slack
S. Blood Moon

Drosera: (Northern / cold temperate forms)
D. anglica
D. rotundifolia

Any red forms that are reasonably normal shaped. I'm not into the 'deformed' looking traps, such as fused tooth, etc.

Pinguicula (Northern / cold temperate forms)
P. vulgaris
P. fiorii
P. ramose
P. balcanica
P. leptoceras
P. vallisneriifolia
P. poldinii
P. longifolia
P. variegate
P. grandiflora
P. macroceras
P. villosa
P. corsica
P. mariae
P. mundi
P. nevadensis

Lowland Nepenthes
N. madagascariensis
N. albomarginata
N. tenax


Stapeliads I don't have (See above)
Selenicereus wrecklei
Other Epiphyllums
Other hoyas
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