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Crafts Show Butterworts?


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My wife sells snowflakes and stars at crafts shows. I've seen all manner of things being sold - soaps, baskets, tutus, etc.... One thing that caught my attention is people selling cacti & succulents in bowls and ceramic pottery. So I thought maybe I can do the same thing with Mexican butterworts, and work with her, instead of being bored out of my mind. Whaddya think?
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Sometimes the plant sells the pot, sometimes the pot sells the plant. Couldn't hurt to try, especially if you pot so that repotting would be unnecessary.
People love plants.
People love unusual plants.
That Crafts Show needs some Mexican butterworts!
Just be sure to print out several care sheets and make sure this website is mentioned on it.

Let us know how it goes! :D
Yay for a day my brain is working. Here ya go, http://www.terraforums.com/forums/s...ar-terrariums?highlight=cp+terrarium+facebook, those types of things would sell imo.

Lots of plants would sell, just need to make sure that the "average" people out there could take care of it.

Things that come to mind...miniature African violets, Lithops, Utric sandersonii, Utric graminifolia, and maybe with some education you could do Cephs. They are great windowsill plants with some basic knowledge. Alot of the hybrid Pings are durable as rocks too.

Otherwise, bring a tablet :-D.
Give it a shot!
Try it.... I get dragged to those shows and I would buy.....or if I already had the plant it will start a conversation to break up your day....
I'll try butterworts for now. I don't have enough utrics, except U. livida, to be worthwhile. Thanks for the feedback.
I think 'weedy' dews would also do well, because they are so hardy and resilient.

On that note, I just picked up some goofy planters and other miscellaneous stuff from a local thrift store, with the intention of putting CP's in them. I'll keep you posted, because that may be one way of making nifty, but affordable, CP planters.
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I'm thinking that clay dishes would be great for butterworts, since clay is high in iron.