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Hello, my name is Nick :)

I live in Richmond, Michigan. I currently have a small indoor greenhouse rigged with lights and a homemade humidifier for Nepenthes and any other tropical cp's I find to like, along with a couple cacti. I have a few sarracenia/temperate sundews/VFT's that are going dormant on a basement windowsill, but will be outside year-round starting next spring. Being that they will be outside I hope to have room for many, many more sarracenia and temperate sundews along with VFT's. I love germination sarracenia and sundew seeds, speaking of it my fridge is full of seeds being stratified! My favorite plants are Nepenthes and S. Purpureas. My favorite lights to use are High Pressure Sodium bulbs, but I do have my fair share of fluorescents also. I am entering quiet a bit of giveaways but will be doing some this coming spring to give back for what I take:angel:. I am a noob to the forum but definitely not to cp's! My first was, as most people's are, a VFT from the local supermarket years ago. Thing didn't live to long:poke:. P.S. I also keep my fair share of tropical fish.

Thanks for reading!
Welcome Nick! You will find this an amazing resource for all things plants. The members here are always willing to help with advice and of course plants!
Hi nick! Welcome to the forums. I'm newish to the forums too. I grow Nepenthes- I have an alata and a fusca, and a hamata on the way. I look forward to hearing more from you!

Wow- Newish and already a hamata! woot to you, I never even dream of a hamata... yet... maybe a lowii...
Greetings, Nick!

We'll have to add to your addiction by way of orchids next. :D