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Hello from Texas

Howdy y'all! I've been growing CPs for around 5 years now. I browsed through various forums for awhile but this is the first time I've really joined one. I've been interested in horticulture for a long time and mostly grew cacti, succulents, and herbs at first with a few CPs on the side, but now it's the opposite. I mostly grow Neps and Mexican Pings now and I hope to produce some Nep seed someday. I'm limited to growing on a shaded balcony but I plan to get some grow lights for the fall/winter for my lowland Neps, which grow very well in our hot and humid summers.

Any other growers out there in the Lone Star State?
Welcome terraforums :welcome:

I believe that there are a couple Texas growers on here, but I don't remember who they are, unfortunately.
Welcome, there are a few of us from TX. I'm in Saginaw, just outside of Fort Worth.

I'm a bit to far north for hot and humid summers, it is hot and bone dry here. I've been playing with getting some Sarrs going outside with ok results. But the rest are indoors.
Hey, i live in the dfw area. Its too dry outside, sarraceia seem to do OK here, but i grow most of my plants indoors
It's great to hear that there are fellow CP enthusiasts here. I'm in Houston, and we get fairly high humidity in the summer (though it fluctuates throughout the day) so I can grow many plants outside. I don't travel often so I didn't realize that it was less humid just a few hours north.