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Newbie from Tucson

Hi everyone, I'm an artist from Tucson. I just obtained two Mexican Pings and decided to join this forum in order to learn how to grow them better.

I've got lots of experience growing epiphytic orchids, some of the more interesting of which are Angraecum didieri, Jumellea comorensis, and a Grammangis elisi/spectabilis hybrid. I am also trying to grow/breed a number of Eulophia orchids. I seem to have a knack for Cattyleas and Cat-like Dendrobiums, they root and grow like crazy in my studio.

And of course, being a desert dweller I grow a number of cacti and stapeliads. Don't need help growing those.

I got excited about mexican Pings when I saw a large number of them at the SF orchid expo. I particularly like heterophyllous varieties. I currently have a P. cyclosecta and P. kohres. If things go well, I could also try a P. moranensis, or some of the varieties that form those flat saucer shaped rosettes.
Welcome to TF!
Welcome to the forum!!!:welcome:

Join the party!

This year's POE (Pacific Orchid Exposition in SF)? I started a thread, mainly since they had a lot of very nice Nepenthes at the sale. Of course if you have photos of other CPs at the sale I would encourage you to add them.


I was thinking I bought a Jumellea arachnantha at that sale, but I checked and it was from a sale a couple weeks earlier slightly closer to me. I'm attempting that one outside (I seem to be in a frost free pocket). We shall see...
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I saw a lot of impressive Nepanthes too. I love looking at them and seeing other people's, but for some reason I am not into growing them myself. I'm more attracted to Sarracenia type pitchers instead... but baby steps. Let me try to get good at Pings first.

Jumellea arachnantha looks beautiful! At the POE I wound up purchasing a pair of Angrecums- didieri and leonis. So far both are growing quite well! I have A. leonis, A. didieri and J. cormorensis hanging in a skylight in my bathroom so they get a good vapor bath twice a day. Perhaps one day I can hybridize A. leonis and didieri to make a small, vigorous growing Angrecum with very succulent leaves.