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  1. adnedarn

    Venus flytrap and N. sanguinea available once again

    Happy Presidents' Day! If you happen to have been waiting for either of these items to be available, they are! N. sanguinea is even on sale :-O Venus Fly Traps and other Carnivorous plants For Sale at FlyTrapShop
  2. adnedarn

    "Thank You"/"Green Membership" now with no ads. Price increasing so get it now!

    "Thank You"/"Green Membership" now with no ads. Price increasing so get it now! Hello everyone! Back on 11/4/15 I decided to try out no targeted advertisements for "Thanks You"/"Green Members". It seems to be a hit, maybe even speeding up browsing for those already using blockers. I've...
  3. adnedarn

    FlyTrapShop VFT sale!

    Hello! You will find that bare root VFTs are on sale through Wednesday 12/2/2015! It may extend past that, but no promises, so you if you want some, get some! (Typical and 'Dentate Traps not included) They are about as dormant as they get in my care, here are VFT 'Akai Ryu' as an example of...
  4. M Jacobs

    Importing from AU

    So after much research on previous threads about importing plants nepenthes hybrids from EP, I think I have everything down but would like conformation still. Also if i am not aloud to talk about companies other than flytrapshop then if possible could the mods just delete the thread. I need...
  5. dashman

    Heli trade feeler

    My heli tank is getting overrun. It's time to divide, get rid of multiples, or buy a second tank... Here's what I have... H. heterodoxa H. minor H. pulchella H. heterodoxa x ionasii H. heterodoxa x minor H. heterodoxa x minor (older wistuba stock) All are making adult pitchers, size of the...
  6. adnedarn

    flytrapshop on facebook (contest!)

    Well, I made this page a little while back but maybe I'll start using it a bit more. :-p Do whatever it is you do to facebook pages if you'd like! :-O http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flytrapshopcom/365209493498497 And feel free to share my 2013 calendar post... Together, we can make...
  7. mcantrell

    Drosera Solaris in Cultivation?

    So back before my college classes (and moving 3 times in a year, life is fun!) started kicking my bottom, there was a new sundew discovery announced, I think on this forum. I don't recall much of it and can't find the original thread, but I thought it was being called "Sundew 'A'" or somesuch...
  8. A

    Have neps to trade for VFTs

    I have several neps to get rid of. I'd like to trade for some VFTs, preferably large trap varieties. (I don't think this is against the rules because flytrapshop does not sell that variety, but if it is someone let me know). What I have: N. sanguinea - one large plant that has one basal and...
  9. sss

    SSS's Grow list

    Felt like posting one :D OWNS: Dionaea: Akai Ryu (Flytrapshop) B-52 (x2) (Mass) Drosera: Tracyi (Crystal's Carnivores) Filiformis "All Red" Filiformis "Florida Giant" (DJ57) Binata Dichotoma "Giant" (Crystal's Carnivores) Nepenthes: Unknown Pinguicula: Gigantea ( flytrapshop) Sarracenia...
  10. lizasaur

    Insider's Insight: Please Critique/Correct/Add To!

    Beyond Beginner's Information: Insider's Insight This was originally written for my friend whose interest is piqued in Carnivorous Plants. I've worked very hard on this, but I don't doubt that perhaps I've forgotten anything meaningful or gotten something wrong. Please correct, or add other...
  11. pik

    Got a package from FlyTrapShop Today! :laaa:

    I predicted they'd come in today so I had the pots ready and primed last night. Media flushed, dusted with trich in the planting hole, just sitting and waiting... When my dog alerted me to a visitor at the door today (apparently she thinks I'm deaf and can't hear the doorbell :crazy: ) lo and...
  12. joossa

    Mid-Summer Pitchers

    Hey everyone. Hope all of you are having a great growing season! I took some shots of my Sarrs recently and want to share some of them. Enjoy! S. purpurea subsp. venosa: S. purpurea ssp. purpurea [Muskoka, Ontario]: Seedlings are doing great in full sun and blazing heat: S. x...
  13. joossa

    Sarrs for Postage

    Hey everyone, I have some Sarr divisions I would like to give away for postage. I am asking for $7.00 in cash to send the plants via USPS Priority. I do not have PayPal. I have two large divisions of S. 'Judith Hindle' (not listed on FlyTrapShop). There will also be a large, mature division...
  14. limeslide

    leucophylla "Purple Lips" x flava var. ornata

    leucophylla "Purple Lips" x flava var. ornata, post yours! received from FlyTrapShop approx. a month ago
  15. S

    'Royal Ruby' x 'Judith Hindle'

    here's the first pitcher of this plant, purchased from flytrapshop approx. a month ago:
  16. adnedarn

    FlyTrapShop Sarracenia updated!

    Hello everyone. Being in a warmer climate some of my Sarracenia are already starting to send up some growth so I decided to count my inventory and get it updated at www.flytrapshop.com ! There are lots of new things listed, and some only have 1-3 available. This announcement was first given...
  17. Rball

    My new setup

    Ok so i got this new mini greenhouse and tons of new plants so ill keep posting pics over the next few days <a href="http://s1104.photobucket.com/albums/h337/rball0406/?action=view&current=SANY6882.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h337/rball0406/SANY6882.jpg"...
  18. SirKristoff

    Some of my neps...(Very picture heavy, dial up users beware)

    I got my new camera finally the other day, and have been going nuts with it haha.... so here are a few of my Nepenthes in their winter home.... N. ramispina has two spurs N. spectabilis "North Sumatra" N. ephippiata N. maxima-dark x talangensis N. xSplendiana intermediate and upper traps...
  19. thez_yo

    December CP photos

    Here's some random stuff that caught my eye this morning. (and I'll keep updating with pics throughout the month when possible as usual) ventXcincta X Vanessa campyX(specXtalan) that just opened yesterday veitchii K bongso ampXsib spathXmira or miraXspath (don't remember which way...
  20. Wolfn

    New pictures of my entire collection

    I just got done taking pictures of my entire collection. Enjoy :) Pinguicula Agnata "El Lobo" Brocchinia Reducta: Pinguicula Caerulea (I added some sand to the top of the soil after the picture was taken): Drosera Capensis "Alba" (along with Nepenthes Ampullaria) Cephalotus (growing on...