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Drosera Solaris in Cultivation?

So back before my college classes (and moving 3 times in a year, life is fun!) started kicking my bottom, there was a new sundew discovery announced, I think on this forum. I don't recall much of it and can't find the original thread, but I thought it was being called "Sundew 'A'" or somesuch because it was going to be the star of a new book that wasn't quite out yet, and it was absolutely beautiful. (Although thinking about it, "Sundew 'A'" might have been what Redfern Natural History was calling it initially.)

A friend mentioned Drosera Solaris as being the one she's most interested in growing that she doesn't already grow, and my quick search for it reminded me of "Sundew A" -- I presume given that Drosera Solaris was recently discovered they're the same thing?

However, I haven't seen any hide nor hair of discussion about Drosera Solaris in cultivation. Obviously finding it on FlyTrapShop or whatnot is not exactly likely, but has anyone heard of Drosera Solaris being cultivated at all, even in a big nursery or whatnot?

I don't imagine I'll be seeing it in my own grow rack for a few decades, but it's nice to have stretch goals. ;)
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To be specific, I was wondering what kind of growing conditions it likes, the soil (LFS? Peat? Peat + sand?), the humidity, etc. I understand that it's from a rather "out there" location, and there's not much information out there on it. Does it have a dormancy? Does it like cooler nights? It's quite a gorgeous little plant.
Best Carnivorous Plants in CZ had them for about $60 bucks apiece a while back. I have not seen them since. I have seen some plants online in the collections of other growers, mostly on CPUK forums.

Considering the conditions this plant grows in, I would suggest care similar to Drosera rorimae (one of the highland forms, not the lowland ones) or Heliamphora (highland and from a similar area). Apparently it grows in a very small area on the top of the Tepui where it was found, so conditions should be quite cool to say the least.

But, since this plant is very scarce in cultivation, it is unlikely that you will find one, and if you are presented with the opportunity to buy one, make sure you have the sufficient skills to do so. I would recommend working your way up to more difficult Drosera like rorimae and some of the other odd South Americans, then getting this plant if you think you are ready.
Was just looking at BCP, they have solaris in stock now. At 20€ per portion. But still worth practicing with easier species first. Not worth killing a plant like that.
Yeah, someone pointed BestCP out to me earlier, wasn't sure if mentioning it was kosher. (I seem to remember one of the rules is not to mention online stores?)

I don't think I'm ready for a BestCP order (apparently there are a rather large number of import forms et all involved), nor would I try something like Drosera Solaris myself. I do have a Drosera felix coming, and have a lead from the same store on a Drosera graomogolensis for next year -- would either of those count as a difficult South American Sundew?

Edit: @corky: Yeah, that page is definitely the one I remember, the page layout and theme is very distinct.
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We are allowed to mention international vendors outside the USA because they don't really cause a direct threat to Andrew's business.

Drosera felix and Drosera graomogolensis are a good start. If they do well I would move on to rorimae, and if it does well, I would get a solaris.