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Sarrs for Postage


Hey everyone,

I have some Sarr divisions I would like to give away for postage.

I am asking for $7.00 in cash to send the plants via USPS Priority. I do not have PayPal.

I have two large divisions of S. 'Judith Hindle' (not listed on FlyTrapShop). There will also be a large, mature division with two growth points from another Sarr in my collection included in this offer. However, this one will be a surprise. (I will include its ID when I send it to you, though.)

As you can see, this offer is best for someone just starting out with CPs, but if you really want them and already have an established collection just PM me and be able to send cash via mail. I would like these to go out ASAP. I would hate to end up throwing them away... I just don't have enough space to keep them.

US only. Pictures available upon request. PM me if you want in.
you would really just throw them in the trash?
PM-d also.
PMs have been sent to all those that have inquired. Please check your inboxes.

you would really just throw them in the trash?

Fortunately, it has never gotten to that point. There is always someone to take them off my hands.

This year though, I think I bit off more than I can chew.... divided too much and didn't give enough away. My water usage has increased dramatically from last year and the Sarrs are taking over the table dedicated to my succulents!
All Sarrs are now spoken for so the offer is now closed.

Thanks to all who inquired and happy growing! :)