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My heli tank is getting overrun. It's time to divide, get rid of multiples, or buy a second tank...
Here's what I have...

H. heterodoxa
H. minor
H. pulchella
H. heterodoxa x ionasii
H. heterodoxa x minor
H. heterodoxa x minor (older wistuba stock)

All are making adult pitchers, size of the division will range from sm/med/large just depends on the plant and the trade.

Looking for...

D. regia
S. flava "Kimber Red Ruffles"... I wish
Other heli's not on my growlist, although that defeats the purpose. :)

I may also consider for the aspiring grower who really wants a heli, but doesn't have much to trade.
A fair amount of common stuff (not offered at flytrapshop)

It may take me a few days to reply, I don't have as much free time as I used to.

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Pm sent.
dude i have couple sucessful ceph pullings which they just started to root and some are sending out its first leaf... so save me some heli for this spring will ya?
I will pm you in a bit.
pm'd ya Damon.
pm sent