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  1. Cactusdan

    D. occidentalis x pulchella. Gemmae for Gemmae?

    Hey all! Since only starting CP growing earlier this year, I've only gotten one batch of pygmy Drosera gemmae so far, which is D. occidentalis x pulchella. I'd really like to expand my collection of these cool little guys, while hopefully doing the same for other folks. D. occidentalis x...
  2. I

    Able to buy Drosera seeds from outside the US without any permits?

    I was offered some Drosera seeds from overseas and was wondering if I needed any permits? The seller is saying I don't need due to them not being on the CITES, but I just wanted to make sure I was following all the rules. Thanks!
  3. Swagalotus

    Trading Nepenthes Hamta AW Clone #3

    Hi all, I am trading away my nepenthes hamata AW clone #3 ( about 2 inch diameter) for rare ( and I mean rare) cephalotus varieties. I am not interested in Hummer's Giant. I am mainly looking for: -Eden Black clone -Triffid Albany Black clone -Double ribbed -Other clones ( I choose if I am...
  4. carolatcj

    Please read before making payment!

    PAYMENT FOR A WON ITEM: Payment can be made by personal check, money order, cashier's check or Paypal. Make your checks out to North American Sarracenia Conservancy. Paypal to treasurer@nasarracenia.org as "Goods, other". Please make sure you use the "instructions to seller" function and title...
  5. DragonsEye

    *PAID* Jewel orchid.Haemaria discolor (Acro $5)

    Up for auction is a cutting of the jewel orchid Haemaria (aka Ludisia) discolor -- considered by many to be one of the easiest jewel orchids to grow. The following is the plant being offered: And this is a photo of the mother plant: Bidding is open to residents of the US excluding...
  6. Ozzy

    NASC's 2016 Spring Auction Rules

    Welcome to the 2016 Terraforums NASC Benefit Auction! In order to participate in the 2016 NASC auction, you are REQUIRED to read the Rules below for both listing and bidding. By making any posts in the Auction Forum, for either donations of items or bids on items, you acknowledge that you have...
  7. M

    Hello from Belgium : )

    My name is Morgane, I'm 23 and I started growing carnivorous (and other) plants since last August. I already liked plants before, but the fact that I lived in a north oriented student room with a tiny window kept me from growing anything else than a bonsai. Now I live in a south-west oriented...
  8. summit

    Nepenthes & Utricularia ID

    One of my clients has this massive N. Sanguinea (what I presume it to be) and he offered for me to take some cuttings if I wanted. I just wanted to double check my assumption and if the growth point in the second picture would be a good place to cut? And lastly what kind of U. is in the pot...
  9. adnedarn

    Active user giveaway... Meaning, just being here!

    I'm going to try something new here. I'm not going to tell you up front: -> What is going to be given away. -> When the giveaway will happen. You SHOULD: -> Have a growlist on this forum (and a wishlist at the bottom helps too!) -> Be able and willing to pay shipping charges, which may vary...
  10. S

    Spread the love

    Back in spring I got a ton of D. capensis from @dozer1028 (well, winter for him) to help spread the love so to speak. I had a giveaway at my college campus and many people started growing these fun carnivorous weeds, in fact every time I walk around campus, I'm bound to see someone's capensis on...
  11. SubRosa

    Goodyera pubescens

    Due to a mistake on my part, and amazing generosity on the part of the seller, I find myself with a few extra of this temperate terrestrial orchid. The genus Goodyera are mostly grown for their interesting foliage, like a temperate jewel orchid. The winner will receive 3 bare root plants. To...
  12. viking

    20 mimosa pudica seeds "The Sensitive Plant"

    I have 20 Mimosa Pudica seeds offered in a giveaway. This is a non-carniverous plant. It is however a very fun,easy, and interesting plant to grow. The leaves retract if they are touched. But then they recover to full in a short time. It has a beautiful pink flower that reminds me of a fiber...
  13. Oregoncp

    Nepenthes seed giveaway.

    It's been awhile since I have visited the forum (or any forum). I realized I won a give away by whimgrinder a couple months ago and never offered any give away in return as promised. I have several freshly harvested pods of N. 'Helen' x (maxima x ?). I will pick two winners to recieve...
  14. ZeRoKooL

    Fresh Drosera Filiformis Seed Giveaway for SASE

    I was fortunate enough to meet a generous TF member who offered me some plants and leaf pullings that are currently thriving in my collection, and now I want to return the generosity to this wonderful community! I have 6 freshly harvested packets of Drosera Filiformis seeds for SASE, USA only...
  15. Whimgrinder

    Nepenthes truncata X spectabilis

    This is a giveaway, not a trade: one vine tip cutting of Nepenthes truncata X spectabilis, a female by the way. This is an intermediate temperature grower, so you know. Please don't sign up for this is you cannot provide the right growing conditions for it. Also, be aware that this is a LARGE...
  16. DragonsEye

    Succulent package - No Longer Available

    Succulent package This package contains: 1 Echeveria Black Prince cutting Good-sized/mature cutting. Would not be unreasonable to expect them to bloom this winter/spring. Full sun is necessary for best coloration. 10 Echeveria runyonii Topsy Turvy cuttings Smallish cuttings which I would...
  17. NatchGreyes

    Books: Darlingtonia & Cultivating Carnivorous Plants (afrodisa $35)

    Alrighty, let's get this thing started. I'm offered a signed copy of both my guide to growing carnivorous plants, Cultivating Carnivorous Plants, which was just published, and my book on Darlingtonia. Photos of the covers follow. This is your chance to get both and help NASC! Bidding starts at $5.
  18. NatchGreyes

    Auction Rules - REQUIRED Reading for Participation in 2015 NASC Auction

    Welcome to the 2015 Terraforums NASC Benefit Auction! To learn more about the NASC, click here. In order to participate in the 2015 NASC auction, you are REQUIRED to read the Rules below for both listing and bidding. By making any posts in the Auction Forum, for either donations of items or...
  19. B

    Jeremiah Harris greenhouse (Colorado) visit/plant exchange

    Date change!!!!!!! May 23rd is the correct date for the get together, 2PM. Sorry for the confusion. Jeremiah Harris has graciously offered to open up his exceptional greenhouses for a visit for those interested in CPs. I will be promoting this generous gesture to get as many people to come out...
  20. hcarlton

    Nepenthes rafflesiana "nivea parent, Sintang, West Kalimantan Borneo

    Nepenthes rafflesiana "nivea parent, Sintang, West Kalimantan Borneo Up for sale is one young plant from this batch of seedlings. Plants offered are currently around 3-5" across, with semi-mature pitchers. Adult plants are unknown, but larger siblings currently show variation from nearly all...