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flytrapshop on facebook (contest!)


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Well, I made this page a little while back but maybe I'll start using it a bit more. :p Do whatever it is you do to facebook pages if you'd like! :-O http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flytrapshopcom/365209493498497 And feel free to share my 2013 calendar post... Together, we can make everyone that wished they had a CP calendar happier for the coming year. :-D

Thanks everyone! Lets try this too... so don't forget to enter! :p
I'm assuming it will only pick on winner... I couldn't find anywhere to configure that- so let this be an amendment. :crazy:

<script src="//www.punchtab.com/mast/13402/giveaway_widget.js"></script>
If you've already done the liking and such before I started the contest- you can still go through the clicks and it will recognize you did and just ask you to click thanks to verify your entry or whatever. I think in total you can have 3 or 4 entries into the contest. Also note the via email option- For you guys that don't facebook you can still get your entry in!
If ya don't play ya can't win :)
de-ja-vu! At lest this has better chances.
entry in, facebook out
bet the payout isnt quite as high either tho :lol:
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Very true! If I had that to toss around i would have a nicer greenhouse and you working in there for me! Hebe
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Aw, it tells me the FB application isn't responding! :(

But I was wondering are you going to post the TF calendars on eBay? I think you could sell a lot of them on there if you used the right keywords. Would be a great source of revenue for the TF shop and costing you only 50 cents a month to list. :)
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That's odd, it is still responding for me...

I may, but I'll wait to have them before listing them there.
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done done it
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Thanks for having this giveaway contest! I know everybody is looking forward to January to start turning the pages. Win or lose I will be picking up my copies eventualy. Thanks to all who had a part in this! :-D
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I tried entering, not really sure if it worked though.
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Sundrew, I don't think so. You can try again (it will say you already did if you did) or maybe you're not clicking through enough- someone else had that issue. Or you can feel free to send me your info and I can check to see if I have your entry.

PS only 12 users with 22 total entries so far... Everyone still has some really good odds!

I just learned if you share the link... and someone clicks on it, you get an extra entry for each person that views it! ...that could add up if you have lots of CP people in your friends list. :p
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I believe this ends tomorrow noon Az time... (GMT -7) Make sure you've gotten your entries in. :)

<script src="//www.punchtab.com/mast/13402/giveaway_widget.js"></script>
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I have to be honest, this name does not ring a bell to me... but the winner picked is......

8 Hawken Carlton like 6 days ago

You have been selected as a winner in Flytrapshop's giveaway. Flytrapshop says:

Congratulations! You have won the 2011 and 2012 TerraForums calendar! Have you already or do you plan on purchasing the 2013 calendar so I can include your others in the same package?

If you have any questions please email me.

The PunchTab Team

Thanks all for playing, that was pretty fun :p
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That is TF member name hcarlton :)