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  • Hey Keith, I didn't even realize you had posted a visitor message years ago, looks like I don't know how to use my profile very well. I believe I'm not too far from you in Iowa?
    Will do! I spread the big bulbs out and planted the dozen or more extras in the same pot for a grouping. Super excited!
    Glad they made it safe even with the delay in USPS.... Enjoy them man, I'm excited to see that pot chucked full!
    Glad to hear you've had luck with them! Oddly, the Anglica Kanaele Bog must've had something wrong with them... so it's not your fault. My whole pot of them didn't pull through, but the Alakai Swamp form did. I'm happy that I was able to help out a fellow Iowan ;) Happy holidays, dude!
    Very good to hear! They had been in that packet for maybe a month before they were shipped out.
    Hey thanks for the comments! I'm still new too growing these mushrooms, but I've been experimenting with inoculating logs and growing them on compost. Right now it is just the mycelium, which glows, but not brightly enough to catch on camera. I'll keep you updated. Maybe you can grow some in the future.
    The seeds do at least. I haven't grown this form outside during winter yet, but will find out soon.
    I stratified them in a damp paper towel in a plastic bag for 3 months. The best way to stratify with minimal fungus is to put them in the freezer for a week and let them thaw for a week. Repeat this for 3 months and you should be good.
    So far I have only flasked what amounted to be about a dozen seeds in a 2 oz. container half filled w/ distilled. Instant gratification freak in me is always up for an experiment.:crazy:
    Can you recommend any good techniques? I havn't had much luck in the stratification business so far.
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