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Venus flytrap and N. sanguinea available once again

Darn, I made my purchase from you just one weekend early. So close.
[MENTION=12256]Grey Moss[/MENTION], your order from 2/18 was actually getting packed up right now to go out tomorrow if you wanted to edit it, we could. I think I could get the potted Nep and bare root VFT or whatever one in for no extra shipping. Send me a PM or message me on FB for a faster reply: Flytrapshop.com | Facebook I'll hold off on closing the box up until I hear from you or it gets too late.

P.S. I tossed a small U. uniflora in your box, it'll be a challenge since it has moss all in it, but with some work I'm confident you can get it to work. =)
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PM sent. Thanks so much for that free gift!