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"Thank You"/"Green Membership" now with no ads. Price increasing so get it now!


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"Thank You"/"Green Membership" now with no ads. Price increasing so get it now!

Hello everyone! Back on 11/4/15 I decided to try out no targeted advertisements for "Thanks You"/"Green Members". It seems to be a hit, maybe even speeding up browsing for those already using blockers. I've monitored lost income this past month and will be adjusting the membership fee to $15/year. That takes it from $1/month to just $1.25/month.

But I'm giving you one month from today to get yours at the old price! On 1/1/2016 the price will be $15/ year.
1 Year Thank You membership FlyTrapShop
Thanks for your support!
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Guess I should give a reminder as to the features that currently come with it.. I meant to, before I accidentally hit enter and submitted the above post incomplete.

-Your name in green
-No targeted advertising
-175 MB (183500800 bytes) of upload space where you can upload pictures directly to topics rather than needing to use other hosting services.(That's about 1400 images) You can post up to 20 of these in a single post.
-Quicker refresh rate on the chatbox. Currently registered users get a refresh rate of 20 seconds, but subscribers of this group get a refresh rate of 15 seconds.
-Can PM other thank you members on the chatbox to hold a private chat.
-Open and Close your own threads all over the forums (do NOT open your topic if a mod closes it for moderation reasons. Doing so you will lose your "Thank you" membership immediately.)
-Can store 300 PMs (instead of 75)
-Can list items for sale in the classifieds section (2% transaction fee VS. 7%)
-Can view and seach chatbox archives
- Can participate in the Thank You members only trading forum

In the Thank You only area I accept requests for what you want on the forum. They asked for a shorter flood check time on the chatbox, so I just took 5 seconds off of it! Before you could only send a message every 15 seconds, it is now 10. Thanks them! And come join us ;)
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Any chance TY members could get the chatbox refresh / cooldown reduced to 5 seconds, rather than 15? I mean...have there actually -been- any incidents with Green TY members trying to "spam" the chatbox?

Sometimes we just watn to correct something.


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Haha check the update in prior post! Unfortunately that option is only forum wide... so I've taken it down to 10 for everyone. Should be fine, but we'll see how it goes.