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  1. Sig

    Silenceisgod's growlist

    Note: I am always open to trades... but I never have much to offer. If you don't want cuttings of plants or seedlings, my trades are mostly me paying the shipping and bowing down to you :lol: If we do trade, though, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT PRIORITY FLAT RATE. I think it's just a waste of money, so...
  2. Ozzy

    2010 NASC Online Benefit Auction

    It's almost time for 7th annual online NASC Benefit Auction to start. All of us at NASC are proud to announce that a portion of the auction proceeds (the lesser of $1500 or 50%) will be going to a 5 acre site in Georgia managed by The Nature Conservancy (TNC). In fact it's the last site of its...
  3. Chris_Himself

    Anybody purchase from flytrapshop?

    I usually buy from all the BE distributors on the west coast, and I like the prices, size, and pots that flytrapshop offers and I love the "home grown" look of the plants. Does anybody have any pictures of the Nep's they send to your door? I have two long troughs of Sarrs outside so I'm good on...
  4. limeslide

    Lime's Grow List

    Drosera Subtropical Drosera capensis "All Red" ;Andrew "andedarn" @ FlyTrapShop Pygmy Drosera paleacea subsp. roseana ;Mike "Nepenthes101" Petiolaris Drosera falconeri ;Mach "kulamauiman" Fukada (04.26.13) Drosera paradoxa ;Mach "kulamauiman" Fukada (04.26.13) - Nepenthes Lowland Nepenthes...
  5. Wolfn

    New Nepenthes from FlyTrapShop

    My new Nepenthes Ventrata arrived today from FlyTrapShop. I repotted it into a circular pot instead of the square one and my soil is a mixture of sphagnum, perlite, and orchid bark, with a sprinkling of peat as well.
  6. SirKristoff

    N. ventricosa from Andy(another shameless flytrapshop purchase)

    ive had this guy for almost a year now maybe... its growing pretty nicely, thought i would share some photos of it....
  7. Halt

    Cyber Monday Question

    How come Flytrapshop isn't participating in the Cyber Monday sale? aha. just kidding, we all know Flytrapshop is a cheap place for good quality plants. So, to make this NOT a pointless thread, anyone see any good deals ?
  8. Wolfn

    Looking for Pinguicula gypsicola

    When will FlyTrapShop start selling this?
  9. DrWurm

    Florida Visit Photo Thread

    Hey folks, I'm spending 10 days with my dad here in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm finding some great stuff to take photos of. I'll just throw them in this thread as they come in. Here's an N. rafflesiana that I bought from flytrapshop for my dad <a...
  10. Xeno

    Order CP?

    I have been watching flytrapshop for diff CPs but I did se they dont shipp outside the US.. I hope its ok but do anyone know some places that got loads off diffrent CPs that can shipp to Sweden ? EU. PM me iff u wonna. Plants that I am looking for are vft cross teeth, cupped trap, B-52 and...
  11. DrWurm

    Leucophylla 'Titan' (Shameless FlyTrapShop Plug)

    I bought this S. leucophylla 'Titan' from flytrapshop last winter for 13 bucks and it went dormant before throwing up any nice pitchers. Upon emerging from dormancy this year, it pitchered regularly, but I never really saw any impressive size. Finally, we've got a nice triumphant looking...
  12. DavyJones

    N. rafflesiana update (Insert shameless Flytrapshop plug)

    I received this N. rafflesiana from Andy back in February, and since then it has undergone some trauma being moved back and forth from college (during one trip I managed to break off three pitchers due to poor packing.) Wow has it sprung back, and the latest pitcher has some incredible...
  13. Wolfn

    What plants do you want to see FlyTrapShop sell?

    Personally, I want to see FlyTrapShop sell a wider variety of Pinguicula. Andy, any word on when there will be more?
  14. C


    Hi im new here and i was wondering if flytrapshop ships to canada?
  15. DrWurm

    Sarra Edits and Other Spring Photos

    Took a break from watching Star Trek yesterday to take a few photos outside. A few of them looked nice with some editing. S. psittacina: selective color edit <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/drwurm/3561986106/" title="Sarracenia Psittacina: Selective Color by DrWurm, on Flickr"><img...
  16. DrWurm

    Spring Growth: Flytrapshop plants

    Alright, I'm gonna start putting pics of the sarracenia I got a few months ago from www.flytrapshop.com here. S. Readii x Moorei "Big Red" S. Flava var. Rubricoprora To see larger versions and more of my collection, visit the link in my signature.
  17. C

    I need help!!!!

    Ok so i ordered a Dentate trap from flytrapshop and it came in on saturday (yesterday) In pretty sad shape. All of the plants leaves were drooping and i went to feed it later that day (as i noticed all of its traps were open and i wasnt sure when it was last fed) And its trap closed very slowly...
  18. SirKristoff

    Sarras from FlyTrapShop - Thanks Andy~!

    Got some really nize Sarra rhizomes from Andy today THANKS S. flava var. Rugelii S. flava var. Cuprea S. minor 'Okee Giant' got a flower on it too and part of my foot XP ahahahahha all of em are going outside once our temps come up from freezing. rather not kill plants coming out of...
  19. DavyJones

    New Additions (Thanks FlyTrapShop!) + Hair!

    Over the past couple of weeks I was able to pick up two new little guys, one from Andy here at FlyTrapShop, and the other from somewhere else. First, my N. Rafflesiana from Andy. Not only pretty large, its put out a really nice pitcher since arrival, and is sending out new leaves like crazy...
  20. mcantrell

    Mark's Growlist (Twin Falls ID)

    "Colony Pots" -- pots with Multiple Plants Plastic: A 11" short plastic pot. Contains some D. Spatulata, a D. Capensis, a D. Madagascariensis, a bunch of D. Dichotoma 'Giant', 3 Pinguicula "Yucca Do 1713", and U. sandersonii 'blue'. D. Madagascariensis seed is in there but hasn't sprouted...