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  1. huy716

    Looking for D. regia

    I am looking for a good size D. regia. I have the following plants for trade. All of them are rooted cutting. Please pm me and I do consider other trades option like pings. Ventricosa x aristo female Ventricosa x ovata Thorellii x aristolochiodes male Maxima x tm Maxima x (lowii x ventricosa)...
  2. LifeOnMars?

    N. Lowii Murud Seedlings 10 month progress

    About a year or more ago I found the opportunity to finally acquire the Nepenthe species I've wanted since I was younger, N. Lowii. I've always heard about how slow growing Lowii can be but two of them have really been pumping out bigger and bigger leaves! I found that they loooove fluorescent...
  3. SerMuncherIV

    Nepenthes singlana x aristolochioides pollen available soon

    Pollen from one of BE's N. singalana x aristolochioides available soon. Looking for an attractive female to send pollen to. 50/50 split on seeds. Thanks!
  4. bonfield

    N. veitchii "Pa 'Umor" pollen available

    I've got a male Nepenthes veitchii with two scapes, if anyone has female Neps flowering and needs pollen, please PM me!
  5. rdlsreno

    Nepenthes robcantleyi flower spike comparison

    Both of my Nepenthes robcantleyi are in spike. Just a comparison of the two as it emerged and emerging from the crown. I think one is male and the other is female. The male (I think) are arranged in neat rows and rounder and female (I think) is not as neat and slightly elongated. As it matures...
  6. C

    Cory' grow list

    Sarracenia S rubra ssp alabamensis S. Danas delight S. Hummers hammerhead S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog S alata red lid S oreophylla sand MT al. S alata "maroon throat" S flava var cupurea S leuco x flava var ornata S flava var ornata S minor S minor "Okie giant" S catesbaei x...
  7. CoolCapensis

    CoolCapensis Growlist

    Dionaea Typical King Henry Dentate traps Akai Ryu Cupped trap Sarracenia Purpurea venosa Mardi Gras Minor hybrid Jonesii Alata Oreophila Smurf Minor Drosera Capensis Natalensis Capensis var Alba Burmannii Binata Adelae Madagascariensis Spatulata? Regia Tokaiensis Regia "Big Easy"...
  8. F

    Female Flower?

    My n. x ventrata flowered recently. This is a female flower, right? How do you know if it's ready for pollen?
  9. fredg

    Arisaema jacquemontii

    Another Aroid from Asia, mainly in the Himalaya area. It's settled down nicely and is certainly doing its best to fill its pot. This may interest some
  10. C

    X bill Bailey male??

    Hi there this is my first time posting here. I'm over the other side of the pond in Edinburgh. I bought a n x bill Bailey in 2012 in a small bio dome which contained two small plants, from a very reputable cp nursery in the uk who buy direct from BE. It is flowering for the first time this...
  11. NotMyRealName

    Need Pollen!

    I have a female N. Spendiana x Ventricosa (Mata Hari) desperately in need of some pollen. This will be my first attempt at pollinating a nepenthes flower. I'm willing to do a 50/50 split on the seeds. Thanks in advance, Randy
  12. bloks1995

    Looking for Nep pollen

    I have a female ventrata with 6+ flower spikes currently. I have a bit of truncata pollen I will use, but am looking for other matches. I know it may not be an overly desirable hybrid choice, but if you have pollen going to waste let me know. 50/50 on any seed. Thanks!
  13. jurow

    *PAID* Nepenthes maxima "Watutau Dwarf" - Female (Dawlito $17)

    This is a well established basal from a verified fertile female N. maxima "Watutau Dwarf." It originates from Borneo Exotics (BE-3319.) The first picture is of a mature specimen (same clone,) the rest are of the auction plant. Bidding starts @ $5. Winner pays $5 shipping (Priority Mail.) United...
  14. adnedarn

    *PAID* Female N. maxima (Rareraven $25)

    Up for auction is 1 potted female N. maxima. The pot is 4"x4"x3.5" and is a well established cutting from about a year ago IIRC. Bidding starts at $2 Winner pays shipping of $8 USA only, I'll ship it to California since I've not had a problem yet, but if one arises no refund will be given...
  15. That One Guy

    Female N. Maxima for trade

    I got the plant as a cutting from a reputable grower in a Hawaii and the plant is a female. Currently stands at about 2.5'-3'. Perfectly healthy plant, but not pitchering due to my realization that I have very low light levels on my windowsill, therefore all the Neps have to go. Will trade for...
  16. SerMuncherIV

    N. ventricosa pollen available soon!

    Title says it all, I'm in search of an attractive female to send pollen to soon. All offers will be considered. US only, please. Thanks!
  17. apoplast

    ventricosa x ampullaria sexes

    Hi TF - There are a couple nice and easy to grow ventricosa x ampullaria ("x vetrillaria", can that be a thing?), 'Lady Luck' and 'Bloody Mary'. Are these two different clones? And if so, does anyone one know what the sexes are for each of them? Sure, I could assume from the names that they...
  18. hcarlton

    Nepenthes Sunset Songs Pollen

    A new plant has decided to flower in my collection; sadly, it's not another female, but I will soon have pollen available to anyone interested (US only, due to restrictions sending out of the country on any plant material/ previous viability records). Flowers have just begun opening. This is my...
  19. V

    nepenthes belli x ventricosa female, Pollen needed

    Hi Everyone: I have a nepenthes belli x ventricosa with two female flower stalks. Anyone with pollen that can help us out? I am not particular, any pollen will do. thank you
  20. Sashoke

    N. spathulata x hamata pollen for 50/50 split on seeds

    Hello! I have a male N. spathulata x hamata that has just put up a flower spike, the flower is just forming so its not ready to be collected yet, but as soon as it is Id like to get it traded out ASAP, so Im hoping someone has a female plant in bloom! I dont really care about species/hybrid, I...