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Female Flower?

My n. x ventrata flowered recently. This is a female flower, right? How do you know if it's ready for pollen?

Those look like female Nepenthes flowers, but it's already been pollinated. Are you growing that outside?
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Yes. Pollinated? Any chance that it wasn't pollinated and they've just gotten old? I don't have any males flowering nearby that I am aware of.
Those are seed pods, so perhaps it was naturally pollinated? Bees are known to travel up to 5 miles away from their hives in search of flowers so I wouldn't be surprised if someone within that range had a flowering male.
N. ventrata frequently produces seed pods full of chaff.
Those are definitely female flowers with seed pods, but as mentioned above the common ventrata clone is basically sterile, and while it produces pods they are full of nothing but failed dreams. Concerning other females, flowers are receptive when they're much shorter and the tip of the stigma is green and perhaps wet or sticky looking.
Thanks all. Chaff and failed dreams... I love it. But that does answer a question I had - why I've never seen a hybrid cross with ventrata!