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Rob-rah - uk - growlist

(Updated April 2005)

Some (as marked) is seed awaiting germination...

<span style='color:green'>Aldrovanda</span>
Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Lake Dlugie, Eastern Poland - Bestcarnivorousplants)

<span style='color:green'>Byblis</span>
Byblis gigantea (Bibbulman Track, robust - Allen Lowrie) (seed)
Byblis lamellata (Arrowsmith River - Allen Lowrie) (seed)

<span style='color:green'>Brocchinea and Catopsis</span>
Brocchinea reducta (Keith Wilson, coming soon)

<span style='color:green'>Cephalotus</span>
Cephalotus follicularis (SW Carnivores)

<span style='color:green'>Darlingtonia</span>
Darlingtonia californica (SW Carnivores)

<span style='color:green'>Dionaea</span>
Dionaea muscipula (typical variety)
Dionaea muscipula 'Royal Red'

<span style='color:green'>Drosera</span>
<span style='color:green'>Temperate</span>
Drosera binita
Drosera binita
var. dichotoma
Drosera filiformis
ssp. filiformis
Drosera filiformis
ssp. traceyi

<span style='color:green'>South African</span>
Drosera alba (seed)
Drosera aliciae
Drosera capensis
Drosera collinsiae
Drosera cistiflora
(seed-grown, Chiltern Seeds?)
Drosera dieseliana
Drosera glabripes
(Stefan Ippenberger)
Drosera madagascariensis
Drosera pauciflora
Drosera pauciflora
(yellow) (seed)
Drosera ramentacea
(Stefan Ippenberger)
Drosera regia
(Hampshire CPs)

<span style='color:green'>Tuberous</span>
Drosera erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa (Andrew Wilkinson)
Drosera fimbriata
Drosera gigantea
(all red form - Brookton, WA - Bestcarnivorousplants)
Drosera macrantha
(swamp form)
Drosera menziesii
ssp. menziesii
Drosera platypoda
(possibly expired)
Drosera stolonifera
ssp. stolonifera (Bestcarnivorousplants)
Drosera whittakeri
ssp. aberrans (Gisborne, Victoria)
Drosera whittakeri
ssp. aberrans (Langwarrin, Victoria)

<span style='color:green'>'Queensland sisters'</span>
Drosera adelae
Drosera prolifera
Drosera schizandra
(Stefan Ippenberger)

<span style='color:green'>Others</span>
Drosera ascendens
Drosera banksii
(King Edward River, Kimberley, W.A. - Allen Lowrie) (seed)
Drosera falconeri
Drosera graminifolia
(Serra do Cipo, Diamantina, Brazil - Stefan Ippenberger)
Drosera hamiltonii
(Andrew Wilkinson)
Drosera indica
(Hong Kong) (seed)
Drosera paradoxa
(Keith Wilson, coming soon)
Drosera spatulata
Drosera subtilis
(Theda Station, Kimberley, W.A. - Allen Lowrie) (seed)

<span style='color:green'>Drosophyllum</span>
Drosophyllum lusitanicum

<span style='color:green'>Genlisea</span>
Genlisea aurea
Genlisea hispidula
(Mkambati, Praetoria, SAF - Stefan Ippenberger)
Genlisea lobata
(Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Genlisea violacea
giant (probably the same as the plant below)
sp. giant violacea (seed-grown, Allen Lowrie)
Genlisea violacea
(Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Genlisea lobata x violacea

<span style='color:green'>Heliamphora</span>
Heliamphora elongata
(formerly H. sp. Ilu Tepui - Wistuba)
Heliamphora heterodoxa
(Gran Sabana - seed-grown, Andrew Wilkinson)
Heliamphora hispida
(Cerro Neblina - Wistuba)
Heliamphora minor
(Andrew Wilkinson)
Heliamphora nutans
(Hampshire CPs)

<span style='color:green'>Nepenthes</span>
<span style='color:green'>Highland</span>
Nepenthes aristolochioides
(Sumatra - Simon Lumb)
Nepenthes burbidgeae
(Sabah, Borneo - Cantharifera)
Nepenthes fusca
(dark form - Cantharifera)
Nepenthes hamata
(Lumut, Central Sulawesi - Simon Lumb)
Nepenthes khasiana
(Khasia Hills, India - Hampshire CPs)
Nepenthes rajah
(Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo)
Nepenthes villosa

<span style='color:green'>Intermediate & Lowland</span>
Nepenthes adnata
(Kelog Sembilan, Sumatra - Wistuba)
Nepenthes albomarginata
(black form - Christian Klein)
Nepenthes ampullaria
'Cantleys Red'
Nepenthes bellii
(Mindañao, Phillipines - Simon Lumb)
Nepenthes campanulata
(Hampshire CPs)
Nepenthes clipeata
(clone 2, Wistuba)
Nepenthes clipeata
(clone U, Wistuba)
Nepenthes northiana
(Borneo - Wistuba)
Nepenthes pervillei
(Seychelles - Wistuba)
Nepenthes truncata
(lowland - Eden Project, from tc)
Nepenthes x ventrata
(mutant, lidless form)

<span style='color:green'>Pinguicula</span>
<span style='color:green'>Mexican</span>
Pinguicula gigantea
(Vic Brown)
Pinguicula gracilis
(Vic Brown)
Pinguicula gypsicola
(Vic Brown)
Pinguicula hemiepiphytica
Pinguicula laueana
(SP3, red plant) (Bestcarnivorousplants)
Pinguicula moranensis
var. caudata (Hampshire CPs)
Pinguicula medusina
(Stefan Ippenberger)
Pinguicula emarginata x cyclosecta
Pinguicula moctezumae x zecheri

<span style='color:green'>Temperate</span>
Pinguicula balcanica
(white flowered)
Pinguicula grandiflora
ssp. rosea (Grenoble, France - Bestcarnivorousplants)
Pinguicula longifolia
ssp. longifolia (Bestcarnivorousplants)
Pinguicula lusitanica
Pinguicula vallisneriifolia
(blue flower - Bestcarnivorousplants)

<span style='color:green'>Others</span>
Pinguicula filifolia
(Wistuba, coming soon)
Pinguicula lutea
(Hudson - Bestcarnivorousplants)
Pinguicula primuliflora
(Andrew Wilkinson)
Pinguicula pumila
(Bestcarnivorousplants - appears to have died without setting seed)

<span style='color:green'>Roridula</span>
Roridula dentata (Stefan Ippenberger)
Roridula gorgonias
(Keith Wilson, coming soon - also some seed planted, Stefan Ippenberger)

<span style='color:green'>Sarracenia</span>
Sarracenia alata
(red lid, Mike King 'A1')
Sarracenia alata
(black tube, pubescent - De Soto National Forest Park)
Sarracenia flava
var. flava
Sarracenia flava
var. rubricorpa 'Burgundy' (Marston Exotics)
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia minor
Sarracenia oreophila
(heavily veined form - Sand Mountain)
Sarracenia purpurea
ssp. purpurea (dark form - Roscommon, Eire)
Sarracenia purpurea
ssp. venosa
Sarracenia psitticina
Sarracenia rubra
ssp. gulfensis (Mike King 'RG3')
Sarracenia x mitchelliana
[S. leucophylla x S. purpurea]
Sarracenia x mooreana
[S. flava x S. leucophylla] (white top - Chris Crowe)
Sarracenia x umlauftiana
[(S. purpurea x S. psitticina) x (S. leucophylla x S. psitticina)] (Chris Crowe)
(purpurea x psitticina) x leucophylla (Chris Crowe)
(minor x leucophylla) x (leucophylla x psitticina) (Marston Exotics)
+ various seedlings that have sprung up here and there amongst new acquisitions, growing on for identification later

<span style='color:green'>Utricularia</span>
<span style='color:green'>Terrestrial/lithophytic</span>
Utricularia bisquamata
Utricularia bisquamata
'Betty's Bay'
Utricularia calycifida
(SW Carnivores)
Utricularia cornuta
Utricularia cornuta
(Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada)
Utricularia dichotoma
(Chris Crowe)
aff. dichotoma (tuber-forming, Jamieson, Victoria)
Utricularia flaccida
Utricularia flaccida
(Chapada Diamentina)
Utricularia hispida
Utricularia livida
Utricularia nephrophylla
(white flowered - Bestcarnivorousplants)
Utricularia nephrophylla
(pink flowered - Bestcarnivorousplants)
Utricularia praelonga
Utricularia pubescens
Utricularia sandersonii
Utricularia striatula
(Hong Kong)
Utricularia subulata
(but trying to get rid of it)
Utricularia tricolor
Utricularia uliginosa
(Hong Kong)

<span style='color:green'>Tuberous</span>
Utricularia menziesii
(red fl./yellow pal. - Allen Lowrie)
Utricularia menziesii
(red fl./orange-red pal. - Allen Lowrie)

<span style='color:green'>Affixed aquatic</span>
Utricularia biloba
Utricularia volubilis

<span style='color:green'>Epiphytic/macro-Utrics</span>
Utricularia alpina
(two clones)
Utricularia asplundii
(seed-grown, Stefan Ippenberger)
Utricularia endresii
Utricularia endresii
(Keith Wilson)
Utricularia geminiloba
(Serra dos Orgaos)
Utricularia humboldtii
Utricularia humboldtii
(Cerro Neblina)
Utricularia longifolia
(SW Carnivores)
Utricularia longifolia
(white flower - Serra de Araponga)
Utricularia nelumbifolia
(Serra do Brigadeiro)
Utricularia praetermissa
Utricularia quelchii
(Ilu Tepui, Stefan Ippenberger)
Utricularia reniformis
(large form)
Utricularia quelchii x praetermissa
(Miroslav Srba)

<span style='color:green'>Aquatic</span>
Utricularia gibba
Utricularia radiata
Utricularia stygia
(AICPS Conservation Project, South Tyrol, Italy)
Utricularia vulgaris