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  1. S

    Sonia's grow list

    SARRACENIA LEUCOPHYLLA: S. leucophylla, Tall green & white form,Citronelle,AL,(PW) [L2 MK] (Tiziano Cirri) S. leucophylla,Very Tall Form,Baldwin Co,W,[L20A MK] (LE24 RVL) (erby) S. leucophylla, Green and red veined,Baldwin Co,W , [L20B MK] (ErBiconzo) S. leucophylla, Pubescent form, Citronelle...
  2. olive84

    olive84 Grow list

    Dionaea muscipula : Regular (type) Akai Ryu Big trap red pirhanna Sawtooth all green Red line South west giant G10 Dingley giant Clone H13 "Blood red arced traps" Clone Z05 "All red", traps and petoles all dark purple (MK) "UK Sawtooth 2" Dentate Shark Tooth Clayton's Volcanic...
  3. M

    my growlist

    CEPHALOTUS FOLLICULARIS: Cephalotus follicularis (great australian endemic species) DARLINGTONIA CALIFORNICA: Darlingtonia californica "dark type".Very rare dark type.Cultivated from korean tissue.(CZ-plant) DIONEA MUSCIPULA: Dionea yellow red stripe.(enry69) (mellyz) Dionea F04 BCP red...
  4. kayaker78

    Looking for Utricularia subulata {= U. spec. klein, tiny yellow flowers, Murosipan Te

    I am looking for Utricularia subulata {= U. spec. klein, tiny yellow flowers, Murosipan Tepui} Thanks
  5. Napp

    Warning full photos...

    Hello... Here some photographs of the collection: SFRB12 S. flava var. rubricorpora -- orange clone SXM31 S.x Moorei -- `Adrian Slack’ (S x moorei), Barry Meyers-Rice(H113,MK) Clone Mike king SXM31 S.x Moorei -- `Adrian Slack’ (S x moorei), Barry Meyers-Rice(H113,MK) Clone brokks...
  6. M

    my growlist !

    Dionée: d.m tipici; d.m. 'grande bocca'; D.m. Lungo Erect Picciolo; d.m. "Morghana's vigorosa Clone"); d.m. H52; d.m. 'Sawtooth'; D.M. "G16" o "gigante Adrian Slack's"; d.m. "gigante viola" d.m. 'Red Dragon' Cephalotus: Cephalotus follicolare - Ronald; Drosophyllum: Drosophyllum lusitanicum -...
  7. Feder

    Feder`s growlist

    Aldrovanda Aldrovanda vesiculosa Cephalotus Cephalotus follicularis Dioneas: (2) Dionaea tipica Dionea red (not a clon, just red hybrids of them) Droseras: (53) Tropicals and Sub-tropicals: D.admirabilis D.affinis D.affinis hybrid (Viv) D.aliciae D.anglica Hawaii D.ascendens D.binata...
  8. Napp

    Growlist Napp

    Sarracenia alata SA01 S. alata -- green light veins, (JJ labat) SA02 S. alata -- double flower (dennisB) SA03a S. alata -- double flower (davy) SA03b S. alata -- double white flowered form (UK. Andy Collins A09) SA04 S. alata -- frayed flower (Gerd germany) SA05 S. alata -- nigropurpurea,very...
  9. Hans Breuer

    Wanted! red bicalcarata in asia

    Where can I find/buy/trade/kidnap a bical with completely (or almost completely) red pitchers, such as Sunbelle Exotics' "red x orange No.1"? (even if it was in their catalog, it's difficult to order them from Taiwan....) Here are two other examples from Yamada...
  10. C

    Pictures from christian klein's open day

    Hello, Last saturday Christian Klein held his first Open Day. I did not want to miss this oppurtunity, so it took me not too long to decide, that i will go there. I have taken quite a few pictures of his very impressive collection. Drosera graomogolensis Drosera slackii one of his...
  11. R

    Rob-rah - uk - growlist

    (Updated April 2005) Some (as marked) is seed awaiting germination... <span style='color:green'>Aldrovanda</span> Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Lake Dlugie, Eastern Poland - Bestcarnivorousplants) <span style='color:green'>Byblis</span> Byblis gigantea (Bibbulman Track, robust - Allen Lowrie) (seed)...
  12. C

    N.aristolochioides in flower(male)

    Hi all, I am new to this list and want to introduce myself first . My name is Christian Klein and I live in Germany. I collect C.P ,of all species ,now for 25 years.I have managed to find the one or other plant in this time .I am also interested in Ant Plants and Orchids(Dracula ,Bulbophyllum...