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  1. D

    Looking For (trade) Any and all drosera (even capensis)

    I quite literally have many cubic meters of utricularia gibba and a total of exactly zero drosera.
  2. raycer491

    raycer491's Growlist

    Things I've got Drosera: admirabilis affinis “Namibia” allantostigma alicea "silvermine (?)", strap-leaf form anglica “Alakai Swamp” x "Andromeda (BCP cross of D. prolifera x schizandra) binata "Waihohonu Desert" burmannii: Humpty-Doo, Hann River, Hong Kong Red capensis "big pink", red...
  3. H

    Utriculaira Gibba

    A winner will receive a clump of gibba, which is slowly starting to overtake the aldrovanda tub. I will choose a winner this friday night, to be eligible you have to have at least 50 posts OR 15 thanks. Winner pays to shipping of $6 Good luck to all! :-D
  4. N

    My grow list

    This is what I'm growing out at the moment: Nepenthis: "Lady Luck" from Borneo Exotics (I used to grow more Nep's but they grew way too large for my setup so I found a grower friend to adopt them) Heliamphora's: H. minor var. minor (FTS) H. minor var. minor "Big Orange" H. heterodoxa x...
  5. nimbulan

    Nimbulan's grow list

    Last update: 3/7/18 If you have any suggestions for ways to improve the organization of my growlist, please let me know! Byblis: Byblis gigantea Byblis guehoi, West Kimberley Byblis lamellata, Eneabba, WA, BCP S064 Cephalotus: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia: Darlingtonia californica...
  6. S

    U. gibba

    I have several handfuls of U. gibba for trade. This is a easy to grow aquatic species. Mine is cultivated in RO water and very clean and free of algae. I'm looking to trade for: Mexican ping leaf pulls or small plantlets. Sarracenia seedlings or plants, species or hybrids. Terrestrial...
  7. S

    U. gibba

    Posted my trade offer for U. gibba in wrong forum. Mods - this can be deleted, sorry!
  8. bloks1995

    Bloks1995's growlist

    Personal Collection: Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia Californica Heliamphora minor Sarracenia jonesii Sarracenia x cateo Nepenthes truncata Nepenthes veitchii "Hose Mountains" Nepenthes truncata x maxima "mini" seedlings Nepenthes sanguinea Nepenthes x ventrata Nepenthes x miranda...
  9. charlie

    Charlie's PhotoThread

    All my photos were on a website which no longer exists. Go to page 3 to see actual photos and not just lists of plants!
  10. Zath

    LF: D. linearis

    As the title says, I'm looking for D. linearis. Doesn't have to even be a mature plant. Seeds, seedlings, strikes, or even fresh cuttings are welcome; I can root them myself. Just looking to own a specimen or two of the species. I have a few things to trade, but not much. P. esseriana D. sp...
  11. PitcherPlantr

    Carnivorous Plants in Michigan

    Here are some pictures I took on a recent visit to West Lake Nature Preserve and Bishop's Bog Preserve in Portage, Michigan. I hope you all enjoy them. West Lake Nature Preserve: Cypripedium acaule Drosera rotundifolia Larix laricina Monotropa uniflora Sarracenia...
  12. Zath

    LF: Any rosy-hued Mexican Pinguicula

    As the title says. I'm not picky as to species, even if it's a NoID (though known parentage is preferable to satiate my label OCD). Any plant or leaf-pullings that exhibit noticeable pink and/or purplish hues in the leaves will fit the bill. Up for trade are: VFT 'Akai Ryu' (approx. 1.5"...
  13. K

    Kat's Grow + Trade List (as of now)

    Grow list: VFT's: ======= * VFT long red fingers (2 plants) * VFT Akai Ryu (2 pots - w/ offsets) * VFT cupped trap (3 small pots full) * VFT king henry (1 plant) * VFT all green 'goddess' (1 plant w/ offsets) * VFT Dark Red traps (1 plant w/ offset) * VFT Typical (1 pot many offsets) * VFT...
  14. PitcherPlantr

    Mackinac and Emmet County, Michigan

    Last year I took a trip to the northern portion of Michigan and the southern portion of Upper Peninsula. On the trip I encountered various carnivorous plants and orchids. Emmet County (Day 1): The first site was quite unique compared to similar sites I have been to. All of these plants...
  15. P

    Aquatic Utricularia giveaway

    This is a giveaway of aquatic Utricularia. I am not sure the specie, most probably is U. gibba. It is a common, fast growing one. Typical numbering list. The draw will be done in the middle of coming week. Shipping on winner. U.S. only. Enjoy.
  16. T

    Utricularia biloba

    I thought I would share my experiences with growing Utricularia biloba. Utricularia biloba is one of my favorite species for its beautiful foliage. This is my second time growing this species; my first ended pretty quickly after I put the plant into an aquarium and it was eaten by other...
  17. T

    Utricularia and Drosera giveaway

    This giveaway will be for two packages, each containing various Utricularia and Drosera. I will pick the winners on Friday. Entering both is allowed but if the same person wins both I will pick another winner for one of the packages. The winners will need to pay $3 (preferably using Paypal) for...
  18. P

    Big blob of some aquatic utric most probably U. gibba or similar and duckweed...

    Recently I cleaned out one of my water features and have a baggie with a more of less fist sized clump of an aquatic utric, maybe some hitch hikers, aquatic snails, could be a sprig or two of Aldrovanda there, not sure. A bunch of small duckweed as well. There are some lotus plants that had...
  19. T

    Bag of Duckweed, Giant Duckweed, Utricularia gibba and U. geminiscapa (ghse1guy $4)

    You are bidding on one bag of duckweed, giant duckweed, Utricularia gibba, and Utricularia geminiscapa. The plants are clumped together so you will need to separate them yourself. I cannot provide phytosanitary certificates so US bidders only please. The winner will need to pay $6 for Priority...
  20. CorneliusSchrute

    Aldrovanda and Company, free shipping! (ghse1guy $25)

    Let's get this started right, kiddies. Up for grabs is a starter culture of ALDROVANDA. This setup was recommended to me by Paul (pearldiver) and it has worked beautifully for three years with stock I received from him. Winning bidder will receive: *2-3 sprigs of Aldrovanda *Utricularia gibba...