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  1. geckoman

    Josh's tiny growlist(and big want list!)

    Well here it goes...... Darlington D. californica (california area have to go look at the label) Dionaea: 'Typical' 'B52' '1955' 'Green Dragon' 'All Red' (seedlings) 'Dentate' (seedlings) 'Unknown' (seedlings) 'Jaws' 'Petite Dragon' 'Jaws x Petite Dragon' 'Vigorous' 'Red Piranha' (this one's my...
  2. Jefforever

    Nepenthes can grow in water?

    I found an interesting picture of a N. Gracilis growing in water on a website: http://www.bestcarnivorousplants.org/fotogalerie/sr151-3560.html I'm not sure of the rules that apply about posting this, so if I've done something wrong, take it down. Thanks! I didn't think nepenthes could grow...
  3. muscipula59

    Muscipula59 grwolist

    Hi all, here my growlist Cephalotus Cephalotus Follicularis Dionaea Dionaea Muscipula Typical Dionaea Muscipula "All Green" Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu" Dionaea Muscipula "Giant" Drosera Petiolaris Drosera Paradoxa Drosera Pigmea Drosera Callistos Drosera Enodes Drosera...
  4. Cindy

    U. aurea - Some pics to share

    The bladders for this species is quite big and the leaves are nice looking...compared to U. gibba at least. :lol: The bladders. I was watching this snail very closely. Kinda worried it'll get sucked in. But basically, it went round the circumference of the bladder. Btw, Snail Junior is...
  5. NeciFiX

    Aquatic Utrics in between pots?

    Riiight. So I have a plastic tray, probably 1 and a half feet wide, 4 inches or so deep with peat at the bottom and so the water is quite tea colored. There is a big gap of room where I have nothing to put there (2 inches tall, 5 inches wide) and space in between the pots. I think an easy...
  6. Drosera36

    Utricularia site

    Today I went to a local pond to collect a single Utricularia plant, although I'm not sure of the species. Here are some pics. I'm gonna try to grow this guy in my outdoor plants' water tray. Their habitat The plants (along with some duckweed) What they seem to grow in Anyone know...
  7. Jefforever

    I got some Gibba

    I got some Utricularia Gibba (with pics) Ever wanted to try your hand at Utricularia Gibba? I've decided to make some more room for my aldrovandas... Will trade for any Pings, VFT cultivars, sundew species/varieties, or other Utrics I don't have. Here's some pics: Nice shot of the bladders...
  8. StifflerMichael

    StifflerMichael's savage garden

    Sarracenia S. minor S. flava 'heavily veined' (2) S. alata (2) S. leucophylla S. purpurea ssp. venosa S. purpurea ssp. purpurea? S. psittacina S. rubra S. oreophila S. purpuea x flava Nepenthes N. alata N. ampullaria (2) N. rafflesiana 'Jahore' N...
  9. B

    gen trade

    Anybody have a genilesa for trade for like a small clump of U. Gibba can w trade:hail: :-O
  10. wmgorum

    wmgorum's growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis Dionea muscipula Drosera x Hybrida D. filiformis tracyi Sarracenia alata S. alata "Maroon Throat" S. flava S. flava "Maxima" S. flava "Coppertop" S. flava "rugelli" S. flava "rubricorpora" S. flava "atropurpurea" S. leucophylla S. leucophylla "Tarnok" S...
  11. S

    my growlist

    NEW GROWLIST: Trying to rebuild lost collection Dionaea muscipula "1955" D. Justina Davis D. Petite Dragon D. B52 D. Vigorous D. Crested Petitole D. Cupped Trap D. typical Sarracenia hybrids of unknown parentage S. purpurea Darlingtonia californica Utricularia purpurea U. gibba Aldrovanda...
  12. glider14

    A few plants im looking for.

    alright. from my last post i got as many plants as i needed. however i still need more tropicals fro the shelf setup im getting today. Utricularia: any terrestrial U. gibba the epiphytic utrics: not humboldtii Nepenthes: any highlanders will take cuttings or plants Pinguicula: ANY of the...
  13. jack

    jrl1265 growlist

    Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu' 'Big Mouth' "Burbanks Best" "Dentata" "Dutch" Drosera capensis "red form" hamiltonii intermedia"tropical"...
  14. Pyro

    Pyro's super spring spectacular trade off.

    Okay, here is the deal. I have a bunch of stuff to get rid of. Read the rule because I do not have time to hold hands on this one 1) I am not in a mad frantic rush so you don't necessarily have to be either. This is not first come first served. Take your time, check you collections, get your...
  15. S

    Need help choosing utricularia, or if anybody is giving away

    Need help choosing utricularia I'm not sure if its more appropriate to post here or in the CP Trading Post. I'm looking for Utrics after a round of less than spectacular results on a genus that's supposed to be tough and durable. The link to the CP trading post thread is here...
  16. S

    Choosing Utricularia. Anyone giving some?

    Need help Choosing Utricularia, they die easily on me I've tried my hand at a few utricularias and I havent had much success. I'd like to ask for some recommendations on what to grow, and perhaps if anybody would like to give me a utricularia you think fits my conditions I'd be most happy to...
  17. Jefforever

    Jeff's Updated 2-12-07

    Jeff's Updated Growlist Utricularia: Orchidioides: Alpina "Pitter Moon Form" - Pyro Alpina - Pyro Alpina - Crystal --> Colieo Asplundii - Ice Dragon Quelchii "Mount Wei" - Jeff Quelchii x Humboldtii - Jeff Quelchii x Praetermissa - Jeff Iperua: Humboldtii - Rattler_mt Nelumbifolia - Jeff...
  18. quogue


    Here's a fun little story for ya'll... Got some Aldrovanda and aquatic Bladderworts from a very reputable grower in Va. recently and I set up two glass cookie jars with distilled water and dumped in some wet peat, waited for it to settle, then poured on some sand, waited for that to settle...
  19. quogue

    Quogue's Growlist

    Nepenthes Dyeriana (veitchii xx tiveyi) x truncata Veitchii xx Tiveyi (female) Rafflesiana Elongata 'Il de France' Ampullaria Lowii x Ventricosa Red Ventricosa x TM Eymae x (Stenophylla x Lowii) Lowii Epipheata Predator Hamata Ventrata and my first Nep: Ventricosa Red Drosera Regia Regia 'Big...