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  • hi jeff, your box is being shipped right now. fyi- i sent you a bare root nep. also. it's prob a ventricosa, but i bought it locally without an id. it has grown weird pitchers and very bushy for several years no matter what i do to it.

    Nice. I just counted and I have over 51 different CP's pretty cool. not bad for less than one year of being into em. I see your list is very long how do you keep em all happy? do you have green houses or hot houses and cold houses. I have had pretty good luck growing HL and LL neps together and to get pitchering. I am going to try to get em outside for most of the year but I dont want to kill any off. Do you grow outside alot?
    1. Utric. sandersonii (typical and blue forms)
    2. Utric. nephrophylla
    3. Utric. subulata
    4. Utric. graminifolia
    5. Utric. lividia

    Got em from
    1. Trade with RSS
    2. Trade with RSS
    3. Trade with RSS
    4. Trade with RSS
    5. Phil Long, TX
    I was wondering about something. I have accumulated now 5 types of Utric. I do not know how to grow them very well. will they be ok in a terrarium? I have seen a lot of growth on the ones I have now but I am also worried about them becoming grown together and such for plant ID reasons. How do you grow em?
    well keep me in mind. especially if you have to get rid of surplus. I really like pings. you moving outta state? or to a new house in town? I just planted some B. linflora and some D. burmanni. I am wondering if I can grow capensis and intermedia outdoors here in oregon? Ive heard they can take cold like VFT's. not as well as Sarrs or Darlingtonia. I am currently growing my ultrics next to my pings. I dont know if utrics like it as warm. Can you grow them outside in oregon too?
    I like Orchids I will put up pics of em later. I love pings though. Anything you have leaf pulling that have rooted. hehe. I live to far south for a casual drive up. Maybe if it was a huge CP show id make the 4 hr trip up your way. I used to live in Portland and I shoot myself in the foot now that I know how much plant things go on there.
    I checked out your Expansive! grow list and I like what I see. The only thing I have room for atm is Pings or Ultrics. I am a nooooooooob at Ultrics and I see that you are very much the opposite. I did research all the ones I have and you are correct about my Ultric. nephrophylla. I will post pictures of all of my ultrics and ask you suggestions about them. I would love to trade with you anytime and because we live 1 days shipping away its a lot less stress. about the Pings though. If you have any to trade. I have a Ping pirouette from Cascade Carnivores and it has struck every time I have done leaf pulls. I have also cyclosecta and fraser beaut. I would love to trade you for pings.
    Hey Jeff you said you needed the PM box to show proof of a trade. I was wondering why you dont just dump them into a Text File and save them? I save mine to a word file. Or does a moderator have to access your PM box to see?
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