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Big blob of some aquatic utric most probably U. gibba or similar and duckweed...

Apr 1, 2011
San Antonio, Texas USA
Recently I cleaned out one of my water features and have a baggie with a more of less fist sized clump of an aquatic utric, maybe some hitch hikers, aquatic snails, could be a sprig or two of Aldrovanda
there, not sure. A bunch of small duckweed as well. There are some lotus plants that had been overgrown by purple pickerelweed, so I took all that out. Could include a plant or two of that (pickerelweed) if desired. And some water celery as well. I just hate to throw it in trash or use for compost. First come, first served. If you want it, post here and send along a PM. Postage on you.