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Aldrovanda and Company, free shipping! (ghse1guy $25)

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A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
Let's get this started right, kiddies.

Up for grabs is a starter culture of ALDROVANDA. This setup was recommended to me by Paul (pearldiver) and it has worked beautifully for three years with stock I received from him.

Winning bidder will receive:
*2-3 sprigs of Aldrovanda
*Utricularia gibba starter
*Associated aquatic plants to balance the ecology (parrot's feather, pennywort, duckweed)
*Other species of Utric might hitch a ride, but are not guaranteed

All you have to do is provide a container (five gallon bucket), a peat substrate, and a few gallons of rain water. Throw the plants in and BLAMO! Instant Aldro success. More specific instructions to the winner via email, PM, phone call, etc.

(Legal disclaimer: success not guaranteed but highly likely.)

Pictures of my freshly awakening stock.


*Starting bid of $2
*I will cover shipping
*Domestic shipping only
*Some of these plants are noxious weeds in some areas; only bid if you swear to Oden that you will not disseminate these organisms to the wild and/or create a problem with them.

Best of luck, children!
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The higher the bid the more Aldrovanda and associates I will include (within what I have available).
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