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  • Jonnyq! How are you? You bid on the documentary credit last spring and I wanted to update you. Things are behind schedule here due to my transfer to Purdue University. While this is great news for the documentary and my future work, the move has delayed post production on the project. I wanted to keep you updated on this and will let you know when we are ready to put the final touches on the project. I suspect it will be ready for release in a few months. Thanks! gr8oz
    Did your seeds arrive to you yet? Mine are ready to be taken out of stratification the 15th :D
    Hi jonnyq,
    Can I exchange your FTS Crimson Sawtooth with me?
    I saw your FTS Crimson Sawtooth is beautiful,so I am very like this species,so can you exchange this spercies with me?
    And I have a lot of droseras to exchange FTS Crimson Sawtooth
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