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Personal Collection:

Cephalotus follicularis

Darlingtonia Californica

Heliamphora minor

Sarracenia jonesii
Sarracenia x cateo

Nepenthes truncata
Nepenthes veitchii "Hose Mountains"
Nepenthes truncata x maxima "mini" seedlings
Nepenthes sanguinea
Nepenthes x ventrata
Nepenthes x miranda

Greenhouse collection:

Dionaea muscipula

Drosera burmanii
Drosera binata
Drosera venusta
Drosera capensis
Drosera capensis "alba"
Drosera spatulata
Drosera filiformis ssp tracyii

Nepenthes bicalcarata
Nepenthes ampullaria
Nepenthes truncata
Nepenthes x ventrata
Nepenthes x miranda

Pinguicula agnata
Pinguicula moctuzumae
Pinguicula ? (a few no-id's)

Sarracenia jonesii
Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia alata
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia rubra ssp rubra
Sarracenia x catesbaei
Sarracenia x excellens
Sarracenia ? (many unlabeled plants)

Utricularia gibba
Utricularia ? (have id's just can't remember right now)

Always looking for new plants for both my personal collection and the greenhouse. Usually have extra Sarracenia divisions in spring, and almost always have capensis seed (free to good home). Feel free to send me any trade offers.