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"Colony Pots" -- pots with Multiple Plants
Plastic: A 11" short plastic pot. Contains some D. Spatulata, a D. Capensis, a D. Madagascariensis, a bunch of D. Dichotoma 'Giant', 3 Pinguicula "Yucca Do 1713", and U. sandersonii 'blue'. D. Madagascariensis seed is in there but hasn't sprouted, and likely won't. There's also another mystery Bladderwort that I haven't IDed yet. When space permits, everything not a D. Dichotoma is getting put in a new pot.
Sarracenia: A pot with a standard White Pitcher plant, a Judith Hindle, and two of the California Carnivores hybrids. I left it with family in Washington state, it is doing great outside in Tieton, WA.

Drosera capensis ("Cape Sundew", Typical): My first Sundew, bought from Wallgreens as an "Octopus Plant." Has been naturally cloned over and over again. Two copies living at the moment, with 2 water cuttings working on sprouting, and 3 seedlings that might be capensis.
Drosera dichotoma 'Giant' (Source: CCP): One batch in my colony pot, very happy.
Dorsera spatulata: A small colony, two large flowering plants and many smaller ones.
Drosera gramogolensis: Two small (1/2") plants, one in a Dunecraft "Cube", another in my Long Fiber Sphagnum growing chamber. Both appear to be doing good!
Drosera Madagascariensis: A small plant in my colony pot and 2 potential seedlings.
Drosera x 'Hybrida': A small plant with 3 growth points. It is dormant.
Mystery Drosera: 3 small mystery plants in my LFS pot. They are likely D. Capensis, but I might have lucked out and have my D. 'Ivan's Paddle' coming back from a root I tossed in there.

Drosera filiformis 'florida red': Hasn't sprouted across 3 pots and stratification.

Pinguicula "Yucca Do 1713" (Source: FlyTrapShop): A small cluster of 3 plants in my colony pot. I sent a huge batch of these (~11 plants of various sizes) home with my family on Christmas, they are doing great.
Pinguicula x "Titan": A small rosette that is coming out of dormancy as of late Jan, 2014.
Pinguicula Gigantea: One 2" specimen, 1 smaller one. In the same pot as 'Titan' which isn't sustainable long term.

Utricularia sandersonii 'blue' (Source: CC): Spread throughout all my pots. Can't get rid of it! Sometimes flowers, but very rarely.

Sarracenia Leu.. er... x 'Judith Hindle' (Source: Local Grocery Store): These are in one big foam pot in Tieton, WA with my family. Doing extremely well.
Sarracenia leucophylla "Titan" (Source: CCP)
S. x 'Abnorma' (S. [ (flava v. rugelli x leuc) x (x Royal Ruby)] x [(x wilissi) x flava v. cuprea]) (CC)
S. x 'Judith Adrian' (S. [ (x Adrian Slack) x (x Judith Hindle)]) (CC): All of the above are in the same foam pot with my family. No doubt the ID tags are long gone. C'est la vie.
Mystery Sarr: From a Lowes Deathcube. Likely S. Rubra. Dormant.

VFT 'Typical': 5 small plants from a Lowes deathcube. Dormant.

Nepenthes ventricosa (ventrata?): The original mother plant died. However, I have 4 cuttings that I am praying will root soon.

Wanted (Someday, anyway -- mostly to keep the names straight in my head.)
Drosera aliciae: The "My Sundew will Not Die" thread has me interested.
Drosera solaris: Yeah, right. I also want a pink unicorn that cures hangovers.
Dionaea muscipula 'Gold Strike': I fell in love with this cultivar's distinct coloring, but the one time I've tried to grow it I killed it pretty handily. I wouldn't mind trying again.

I have a dream of breeding P. x 'Yucca Do 1713' and P. Gigantea together, if that's possible. I also have a strange urge to breed D. Filiformis 'Florida Red' and D. Intermedia 'Tropical' together to make a D. x 'Hybrida' that 1. Does not need dormancy 2. Has a red color and 3. Is fertile. #1 and #2 may be easy, #3 will likely require a miracle.

It is weird, I went in expecting that Venus Flytraps would be the end all CP for me, but I am actually enjoying Sundews a lot more.

Update 12/07/08: Discovered a Dionaea Muscipula (Typical, I believe) and a S. leucophylla at the local grocery store, bought them and took them home. The S. leucophylla seems to be doing good (it's media was extremely dry however), the Dionaea was one of those "Nusreyman's Exchanges" in the 2" pot and clear plastic tube container. I honestly am not too sure about the Dionaea, it is mostly dead, looks like it had an interrupted dormancy, I have it in my windowsill as I am not sure it is strong enough to survive outside. Ditto with the S. leucophylla, I have it as close to the window as possible for low temperatures, I am too worried to put it out. Discovered a seedling that looks mostly like a little D. Tokaiensis in my Cape Sundew 'Alba' pot, probably a very young 'Alba'.

Update 12/30/08: After nearly a month, the Cape Sundew cuttings I'm water propagating have started sending out plantlets, but only 1 on each plant so far, and the cuttings I took that are "half tentacled half petiole" only seem to be spitting out them on the tentacled side.

Update 01/17/09: New plants: D. Adelae, D. Filiformis Tracyi, D. Binata T-Form, D. dichotoma 'Giant' arrived in the mail, my 2 VFTs I had outside are very much dead.

Update 03/18/09: New plants: D. multifida extrema, U. sandersonii 'Blue', Darlingtonia californica, and a U. bisquamata infestation in my D. multifida extrema pot. I took plants out yesterday (D. Californica, D. Filiformis Tracyi, S. leucophylla, Dionaea) due to it being above freezing at night, only to wake up to 31 degree weather. I brought some of the plants that have remained outside all winter in a desperate attempt to bring them back to life -- S. purpurea, S. purpurea (Undead Plant), and S. leucophylla after trimming them down. The rhizomes appear brown, although cutting the dead leaves off revealed some green. Roots are light brown. Suspect plants are dead.

Update 4/15/09: New plants: Di. muscipula "Gold Strike", Di. muscipula "Red Pirahna", which was a gift plant from the store I got the Gold Strike from. The outside pitchers, except for the very large and overly healthy S. purpurea, appear dead. The small S. purpurea (My "undead plant") is inside as well, with the hope that it will recover. That means I had 1 survival out of 7 plants on the porch, and that one that survived only technically lived. The upcoming winter will require a serious rethink of my outside growing strategy.

Update 6/12/09: Some new plants ordered, see below. I have gotten rid of the grow box, replacing it with a very small Dunecraft container. The Akai Ryu and Dente have died. My other Leuc is really a Judith Hindle. Current plans is to purchase a few interesting new hybirds from a certain californian grower, then to replace the Akai Ryu and Dente.

Update 7/29/09: More housekeeping. Outside plants are doing ok except for the VFTs, which need more sun. The D. Filiformis Florida All Reds have finally taken off. My Adelae is officially going crazy, filling up it's pot quite effectively. I picked up a Ping. 'Titan' out of the blue, and am looking for a P. Gigantea.

Update 1/11/11: Update after a year of hell. Moved in with a friend from work, discovered later that his wife was intentionally killing outside plants. Moved out recently, plants were in a windowsill and NOT happy, but living. New arrangements have them much happier in a closet shelf with my grow lights installed above them. Lost a lot of plants during the chaos.

Update 10/29/12: Moved twice since the last update. Have had a lot of dieback, although I do have some new plants going. Plant rack is going again after a few months of problems.

Update 1/2/14: 2013 was a crazy year for me. I got some plants from an online store that mixed up an order, but they... didn't make it. No clue why, they just slowly faded away over time. I have refreshed basically everything, and now am growing Long Fiber Sphagnum. I started with LFS I got from spores out of a Mosser Lee LFS bag, but have recently moved on to NZ Sphagnum. My original CP, a Nepenthes Ventricosa, died, but I lucked out and got 4 cuttings that are sending up fresh leaves that I hope to root.

My current plans are to replace my aging T8 lamps with T5HOs and perhaps finally get a Terrarium setup, so I can maybe look at getting Sun Pitchers going for the first time.
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