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Byblis liniflora


Cephalotus follicularis (typical)


Dionaea muscipula (‘Petite Dragon’)
Dionaea muscipula ('B-52')
Dionaea muscipula ('Big Mouth')
Dionaea muscipula ('Red Dragon')
Dionaea muscipula ('Royal Red')


Drosera adelae
Drosera alba
Drosera aliciae
Drosera anglica (Alakai Swamp, Kauai, HI)
Drosera anglica (Kanaele Bog, Kauai, HI)
Drosera binata ('multifida extrema')
Drosera binata (small red)
Drosera binata var. dichotoma (Giant)
Drosera brevifolia
Drosera capensis (Albino)
Drosera capensis (Narrow Leaf)
Drosera capensis (Red)
Drosera capensis (Wide Leaf)
Drosera capillaris (Giant/Long Arms Seminole CO., FL, USA)
Drosera capillaris (Polk, Co FL, USA)
Drosera cistiflora
Drosera cistiflora
Drosera falconeri
Drosera filiformis var. filiformis (Florida All Red)
Drosera filiformis var. tracyi (Clumping)
Drosera glanduligera
Drosera graminifolia
Drosera hamiltonii
Drosera hilaris
Drosera indica (all green)
Drosera intermedia (Cuba)
Drosera intermedia (Mount Roraima)
Drosera intermedia (Tropical)
Drosera kenneallyi
Drosera lanata
Drosera 'Marston Dragon'
Drosera nidiformis
Drosera occidentalis ssp. australis
Drosera paradoxa
Drosera prolifera
Drosera pulchella
Drosera regia
Drosera regia (Big Easy)
Drosera rotundifolia (Charles Darwin)
Drosera schizandra
Drosera scorpioides
Drosera sessilifolia
Drosera sp lake badgerup
Drosera spatulata (Queensland, Australia)
Drosera tokaiensis
Drosera trinervia
Drosera venusta
Drosera venusta (coccicaulis)
Drosera 'California Sunset'
Drosera X obovata ("Ivan's Paddle")


Drosophyllum lusitanicum

Genlisea hispidula
Genlisea flexuosa (violacea var. Giant)


Nepenthes alata
Nepenthes maxima
Nepenthes sanguinea (Orange)
Nepenthes 'Ventrata'
Nepenthes ventricosa


P. esseriana
P. cyclosecta
P. gigantea
P. laueana dead and looking for replacement
P. lusitanica
P. primuliflora
P. pumila
P. medusina (might be still alive)
P. moctezumae
P. moranensis huautla x ehlersiae
P. laueana X emarginata
P. 'Pirouette'
P. ‘Sethos’
P. ‘Weser’
P. ‘Florian’
P. "Fraser Beaut"
P. 'Titan'


Sarracenia alata (Harrison Co, MS, USA)
Sarracenia alata ('Maroon Throat')
Sarracenia alata (Texas)
Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight'
Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia 'Hummer's Hammerhead'
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia leucophylla (Hurricane Creek, AL)
Sarracenia leucophylla ('Tarnok')
Sarracenia minor
Sarracenia oreophila
Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea
Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa
Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis
Sarracenia rubra ssp. gulfensis
Sarracenia rubra ssp. gulfensis (Dark Form)
Sarracenia rubra ssp. jonesii
Sarracenia rubra ssp. rubra
Sarracenia rubra ssp. wherryi
Sarracenia 'Scarlet Belle'


Utricularia adpressa * Mostly dead....
Utricularia alpinia
Utricularia amethystina
Utricularia asplundii
Utricularia biloba
Utricularia bisquamata large flowered and weedy ones
Utricularia blanchetti
Utricularia calycifida (‘Yog-Sothoth’)
Utricularia calycifida (pink flower)
Utricularia endersii
Utricularia fulva
Utricularia geminlobata
Utricularia gibba
Utricularia graminifolia
Utricularia humboldtii
Utricularia juncea
Utricularia livida
Utricularia longifolia
Utricularia nelumbifolia
Utricularia nephrophylla
Utricularia odorata
Utricularia praelongia
Utricularia pubescens
Utricularia reniformis multiple forms
Utricularia sandersonii
Utricularia sandersonii "Blue" dead now....
Utricularia subulata
Utricularia tricolor
Utricularia warburgii
Utricularia welwitschii

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