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  1. summit

    Mini Bog of Sarracenias Have Brown Tips

    Planted these at the beginning of the season and haven't had one mature pitcher from any of them. All either deform or brown at the tip. Plants get 12+ hours of direct sunlight and are in standing r/o water. Some pitchers are deformed (looks like aphid damage) could they also be causing the...
  2. w03

    I'm back, somewhat!

    Well, I used to have a small collection of neps and dews. However, high school started and I started taking AP classes and doing crazy high-school teenager things. I eventually got rather complacent and put everything in a terrarium, where my bad watering habits rather rapidly started an...
  3. G

    All SEASON green house! Advice needed!!!

    Hello all Im planning on constructing or buying a all season green house and need some friendly advice. Im in need of a GH I live in MN which is zone 3b in hardiness. Price does not matter ATM was looking to spend around 10k if need be. Dimensions are about 6x10m and have about 2 stories (about...
  4. Keith

    Peat Prep?

    Hey just wonderin' if any of you microwave or do anything special to your peat to kill algae, bacterium, and fungii? I microwaved some a month or two ago and cyanobacteria and algae still grew and ruined a tray of seedlings. I thought I nuked it pretty good. As always, I "wash" my peat and...
  5. swords

    Start thinking about mantids early for Spring $avings

    Those of you who have been interested in trying your hands at raising some pet mantids the easiest to start with are the common types are considered naturalized and are allowed to be released in the garden as pest control. You can hatch one or more of these kinds of egg cases and save a couple...
  6. swords

    A water conditioner that neutralizes copper?

    Other than via reverse osmosis is there a water conditioner used for tap water that removes or neutralizes copper? I have a dechlorinator that says "neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and harmful metals instantly" but it doesn't specify which metals. I looked for something to reconstitute R/O...
  7. Zero

    Permeate pumps?

    I wasn't sure where to put this but does anyone know about Permeate pumps? I have had one for a while now and am just reading up on them. It says on some sites I don't need a auto shutoff valve because the pump will stop when the tank reaches line pressure. Can someone who knows anything about...
  8. swords

    Shouldn't my purpurea be purple & other questions

    I've got my first S. purpurea from Lowes a month or two ago. It was just about completely green when I got it but cold air and bright light hath done it's magic and the latest pitcher is the reddest of all. I like it but shouldn't it be "purple"? Also, I notice that unlike Nepenthes these...
  9. obregon562

    in Desperate Need of an R/O Unit and Humidifier

    TF, My humidifier is shot. Sounds like im killing a walrus cub. My brita filter...is a brita filter and now broken. Ive pumped in ~$30 a month into that bad boy. So, long story short, i need a humidifier and an R/O unit ASAP in this nice and warm cali weather. I can do practically anything...
  10. Zero

    D. paradoxa propagation W/PICS

    I took some leaf pullings from my D. paradoxa about 8 months ago and put them in a tube filled with R/O water. Since then my mother plant died while I was away. I decided to plant up the leaf pullings that sprouted. Here are some pics that show my method of leaf pulling propagation. The tube of...
  11. klasac

    d.ordensis/derbyensis help

    Hi! I recently got into possession these 2 beautiful species. They are large size (ordensis 8cm and derbyensis 4cm across). I have a small terrarium where I grow d. paradoxa and d.petiolaris with great success. (Used to grow there d. kenneallyi too before my parent "took care of it"). The...
  12. Zero

    Under sink R/O unit pics

    100 GPD R/O filter. I was changing the pre filters today and took some pics. You can jam one of these under a sink but it is a pain to get to:( There is TONS of rust in the pipes! Ignore the plumbing and garbage disposal. pics peace, Zero
  13. Zero

    Help, fish dieing, do salts need to be added to R/O water?

    I have a 55 gallon tank in my apartment and the water looks great but some fish have been dieing. I'ts my roomates tanks and all he uses is R/O water. Would a lack of salts/minerals cuase them to die? The ammonia content is good, water changes every 7-10 days with a vacuaming of the gravel...
  14. Zero

    reverse osmosis pre filter ?'s

    my r/o unit pre filters have clogged up twice in the last 6 months. I was wondering what you all use for pre filters. I have been using 50 micron then carbon filter ? micron then 1 micron. this is the setup the guy I bought the system uses, but it doesn't seem to work well. thanks, Zero
  15. swords

    My found lizard, bunch of questions

    Ok, so I found a "free" anole in my terrarium which probably hatched out of one of my plants that I'd ordered. That doesn't men haven't spent a lot on him already, and will be spending more this weekend. But, I have a few questions, hopefully you folks can help me out: 1) What kind of water...
  16. Zero

    Reverse osmosis question

    I have a r/o system that is upgraded with 150gpd filter and a permeate pump. Should I have a 90% shutoff valve and a inline check valve? If so could someone pm me a cheap source for them? Also how important is a DI filter? Thanks, Zero
  17. ChronoKiento

    R/O Unit Problems

    So I got a spiffy new (and expensive) r/o filter because I was sick of having to buy cases and cases of distilled water from the grocery store. The filter worked fine for like.. a day. It gave me a little bit of water and some leaks sprouted, so I fixed the leaks. Then I checked a few days later...
  18. ChronoKiento

    Woot For Bog Bowls

    It's ugly ain't it? Save for the one dente VFT. (I ordered it from Andy's store, woot. I ordered the red dragon too but I buried it so it doesn't look nice anymore. :/) I'm eagerly awaiting the time that it will actually have a lot of green and a little less brown..and death and evil. :P My...
  19. JMurphy97

    Testing water for TDS

    I know that my water is going to be too high but I want to be sure what it is. So how an I test it? Is there test kits at local hardware stores that can do it or do I have to buy one the ones you would use to test R/O water? Should I be testing for anything else then TDS? What is the highest it...
  20. Zero

    darlingtonia seedlings

    these were planted about 10 monthes ago. they seem to be very slow growing. top watered every day with cool r/o water. pics peace, zero