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A water conditioner that neutralizes copper?

Other than via reverse osmosis is there a water conditioner used for tap water that removes or neutralizes copper? I have a dechlorinator that says "neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and harmful metals instantly" but it doesn't specify which metals.

I looked for something to reconstitute R/O water for fish & FW inverts (for now I'm all about various Apple Snails) but didn't find anything like that. So I thought I could go with half R/O & half tap water to get a more buffered water. My city's tap water is 440 ppm before it goes through the condos salt softener but I would still have the copper problem, just reduced by half.

I picked up some filter media bags to put some crushed sea shells in the filters water stream to harden up the water some.

Anyone have thoughts or product suggestions for me?
Tali that Equilibrium product looks good, I didn't find anything like that today but maybe the bigger fish shops in the city will have it. I only went to a local pet shop where I buy crickets cos we had 20 cm of snow this morning and warnings about how dangerous the roads were supposed to be. I thought the roads were fine on my short trip but then I don't text or talk on the phone and drive like I'm in the car races like most of the other drivers.
Deionization removes nearly all ionic solids from water.

Mixed bed deionization resins remove both cation and anion ions dissolved in liquid.

Here is a random aquarium site that describes them -> Aquarium Water Purification.

Once you purify your water to 18 meg ohm, it will only have the ions you add back into it.
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I got out to the "big" fish shops today and neither of them carry hardly any Seachem stuff, only Kent. They had a couple Ph buffers but not the Equilibrium stuff. Guess I'll have to hunt for that online.