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Reverse osmosis question

I have a r/o system that is upgraded with 150gpd filter and a permeate pump.
Should I have a 90% shutoff valve and a inline check valve?
If so could someone pm me a cheap source for them?
Also how important is a DI filter?
I kept my old shutoff valve when I added the permeate pump. I would say only get it if you find yourself running out of water / pressure while watering your plants.

The DI filter will take your water from like 8ppm that the RO unit does, and get it down to zero. That last few ppm isn't going to make a big difference to the plants. But if you plan to use your setup for other things, like salt water tanks, then go for it.

Hope this helps,

flytrap is spot on about the DI, and the check valve is a requirement for proper operation, but yours should already have it.... usually mounted in the base of the membrane housing on the permeate output side

the 90% ASO is not a requirement only an upgrade, they are about 15$ on ebay (where i got mine) I think the seller's name is fixurwater or something similar, he sells a lot of permeate pumps and has the valve listed in his ebay store