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reverse osmosis pre filter ?'s

my r/o unit pre filters have clogged up twice in the last 6 months.
I was wondering what you all use for pre filters.
I have been using 50 micron then carbon filter ? micron then 1 micron.
this is the setup the guy I bought the system uses, but it doesn't seem to work well.
I use a 0.5 micron for all 3 stages which would clog up even worse for you, for me it works well..

from the sounds of things you have a lot of sediment, you may try going to a 20" first stage or putting two 10" in parallel for your first stage... this wont elimate the problem but will lengthen the time between filter changes....

or in a worst case scenario, make you a sand filter for a initial pre filtering stage, much like a pool filter (or for that matter use a old sand pool filter)

some type of home made sediment bowl or trap would be another ideal to play with
(and probably the best IMHO)

and if its rust, glue a magnet to the side of the first prefilter, that way it will catch the majority of it before it can clog up the filter

these will remove the iron from your corn flakes :-D

I had a couple 10" filter housings from my dad. He bought them with the intention of setting up a system but never did. I've got a 10 micron string filter and a carbon filter before the LOWES 3 filter RO system. This is all pulled from the water line POST water softener so that catches alot of the junk too.

Exactly what is clogging you up ??
I was under the impression that prefilters should be changed monthly. I end up pushing mine to 2 months, but at the 3rd month they look nasty.

I only use one prefilter (montly change) , then a 'carbon guzzler' filter (3-6 months), followed by a 'Chlorine guzzler' (mmm not sure yet) filter before reaching the RO unit.
I don't know what is clogging them up
the tap water here is about 25 ppm, but the first prefilter turns to a deep rust color from the old piping in the city/house.
should I just buy a higher micron filter?
Personally, I did use mine till I got much more then a 5-7psi pressure drop, which was usually from 3-6months....

but now that Ive added a permeate pump I change them out at 6 months even though they arent needed based upon the pressure drop criteria

My water begins at 105ppm though,

Zero must be having some major sediment issues of somekind..

oops i was too slow typing, IMHO get a good magnet if its rust... a "good" magnet (see link), increasing micron rating will just speed up membrane failure